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14 Hilarious Pets Who Light Up Their Humans’ Lives With Charisma

From our busy days at work or being with family or just having a lazy Sunday, our pets certainly make sure to linger around us at all times, to entertain us with their rather interesting behaviors and actions. While some come off as smart and intriguing, some end up being hilarious and cute.


This wholesome collection of animals trying to impress us with their cute Lil’ acts is just giving me the life I needed to get me through the day. They just have to do something to not bore themselves out or at least not bore us, that’s for sure. Their actions speak louder than their words and in the way they move. It’s literally too adorable to miss! See for yourself;

1. He got the perfect big white smile for that Colgate ad, anyone, please make sure to sponsor him in the advertisement.

Via © helzybellz / Reddit

2. They all have their own ways to grab attention,

Via © ughhhfine / Reddit

the cat here has her unique ways to make sure she gets the loving she deserves.

3. When you’re playing Uno and want to make sure that the other opponent has no clue which card you’re about to throw.

Via © igotkidsallovertown / Reddit

This is that face.

4. This is one of those faces where when you were a child, started sleeping in your own room, woke up one morning, ran into your parents’ room doing some interesting things.

Via © 6StringsnaPick / Reddit

5. The cat just figured that was not what she wanted to click but Oppps it’s too late and she just sent this beautiful picture to her potential crush.

Via © random_rant / Reddit

6. Isn’t he the most adorable lil creature?

Via © BrightEyes0110 / Reddit

Look at those sparkly eyes and to top it off, he got an extra talent to roll his tongue.

7. All hail the Majesty when she rises, no one dares not bow down in front of her.

Via © philphotos83 / Reddit

She got them paws.

8. That is known to be the perfect photobombing picture of the year.

Via © FlamingWeasel / Reddit

While she is trying to flaunt her new haircut, the cat has to make sure to show off her hairstyle.

9. You wouldn’t want to trigger the judgemental side of his personality, when he gives the look, he is judging you hard.

Via © wigyori / Reddit
Via © wigyori / Reddit

10. She is such a sweetheart to look after the doggo till she’s sure he finds the perfect forever home for himself.

Via © checkietana / Reddit

11. Just laying under the sunshine, to get the sun on the right angles, gotta get the perfect tan for the summer body.

Via © elSeePea / Reddit

12. The three musketeers have to trouble the other for saying or doing the wrong thing. Stop bugging the poor fellow, just look at its face.

Via © Chiruu_ / Reddit

13. While the dentist wanted to take the before and after pictures of the job well-done,

Via © hella_newb / Reddit

the dog decided to pose as such that might have rather scared of the potential customers.

14. Beware of such a cute Lil doggo, come on he isn’t even scary for such a sign on the fence.

Via © josiesny / Reddit


These 14 pictures of cats and dogs putting in their everything to do their thing, while we are busy taking pictures of these hilarious acts of theirs, that just definitely puts a smile on our faces. It was a good countdown, don’t you agree? If you have any cute derpy pictures of your pets, don’t forget to share it in the comments section below!


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