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20 Times Pets Left Us With Too Many Questions With Their Hysterical Behavior

It’s not easy to understand pet behavior.

Every one of us has pets that act weird most of the time. From asking for too much attention to disappearing at night, our pets have something that leaves so many questions in our minds. Your cat will sit in the planters or your dog will tear apart the new pillow that you have just bought or if you have more than one pet, they would surprise you with unexpected fights. No matter how much you train your adorable pets, they would still exhibit the typical pet behavior that will leave thousands of questions in your mind. Today, we have made a compilation of some of the weird yet funniest images of pets that show their typical pet behavior and we are sure you would relate.


1. When you are too obsessed with the printer.

Credits: FiguringItOut– / reddit

2. He is not stuck, he has just grabbed the bottom of the toy from inside.


Credits: DVSwan / reddit

3. When you go out and leave him home alone.


Credits: Koalas-in-the-rain / reddit

4. Too friendly.


Credits: Rav3nw1ng5 / reddit

5. When you are too obsessed with the new toy tire.


Credits: Niland_Woods_13 / reddit

6. Both want the shoe.


Credits: aimee-reb / reddit

7. Playing hide and seek.


Credits: Fozzy424 / reddit

8. Who is this other cat in the mirror?


Credits: nnea-shark / reddit

9. Ahh, I am falling. Please help.


Credits: me_obviously / reddit

10. That’s how she likes eating her food.


Credits: pm_me_ur_fat_kitties / reddit

Look at this doggo whose owner bought her a new bowl but she chose to eat like this. Who even eats like this? Well, it’s hard to understand why she is even doing it? Probably because she loves eating like this or maybe she is multi-tasking. Eating her food and doing push-ups at the same time. It’s funny how a cat can be so obsessed with the printer that it becomes her favorite place. Does anyone else have a cat with the same behavior? Let us know in the comments. But the fun hasn’t ended, scroll down.

11. His comfortable sleeping position.

Credits: meow__meg / reddit

12. Sure he had a great time playing with the pillow.


Credits: CCbelle_7 / reddit

13. Feeling no shame.

Credits: PAtvequipmentguru / reddit



Credits: ItsmeKT / reddit

15. Cuties sit under the lamp and wait for the bugs.

Credits:ThePhotographer530 / reddit

16. When she feels overwhelmed by the surprise.


Credits: jupiters-moon / reddit

17. When she acts too naughty, put her in the shopping bag.

Credits:  zackaryfloriano / reddit

18. “Mookie doesn’t get how leashes work.”


Credits:  mookiecantswim / reddit

19. Trying to drink water.

Credits: AcceptingDeath / reddit

20. My food has arrived.


Credits:  H0ll0wHag / reddit

21. Are they cleaning windows?

Credits: joancallamezo / imgur

Cats love fitting in plastic bags or paper bags. Out of all the comfortable places on the earth, they would choose a plastic bag/paper bag to sit in. It makes us question why do they do this? Tell us if any of you know the answer. Well, whatever the reasons are, we are in love with our pets. If you have noticed a strange pet behavior in your pet, do let us know in the comments.


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