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17 Pictures Proving Pets’ Preciousness That Even Puts Gold To Shame

Pet owners contain preciousness in excess.

Somewhere in there, we all have a craving to possess precious items. According to Wikipedia, something or someone precious means they have great value and are not to be wasted or treated carelessly. Gemstones and commodities like diamonds and gold are one of the very few items that hit the mind as soon as one hears the word “precious”. If we take the context towards living beings, precious would be someone you care for a lot, who you love from the bottom of your heart, which you can spend your entire life with and wouldn’t get bored because they fill your life with too much excitement. Above everything, they become your companion and you go through every thick and thin of life together as one. This kind of preciousness is certainly more worthy and more valuable compared to materialistic objects.

What can you guys think of after reading what I just mentioned about a precious someone? Maybe would say another human being they love, for example, mother, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, father, husband, etc. But if you ask the same question to pet owners, they will say, without a doubt, there is nothing more precious than a pet animal’s companionship. And I am talking about married, in a relationship, having parents, and all sorts of pet owners who once adopt a pet, don’t consider anything more precious than the quality time they spend with their best friend.

Today we are going to show picture proof and adorable little stories from the owners of the pets to make you believe that yes, pets are more precious than anything else in the world.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. In this picture, you see two lovers looking at each other with all the love in the world.

Via TheRadAdams / reddit

2. The wife is pregnant with their first child. Everyone is super excited and guess whose being the most protective? Bandit the doggo.


Via Lanky_Lobster / reddit

3. This is how Lolita’s face was the entire day on her first day at her forever home. She looks beyond excited and is ready to live an elite life, a life she deserves.


Via jela_03 / reddit

4. As soon as her Maine coon wakes up, it runs right to mommy’s room and cuddles her. That’s how their morning starts every single day.


Via blinkytoo / reddit

5. This person got divorced, married another women, has had 4 children, and went through a difficult shift from military life to “normal” life. Guess what was constant in all these events? This adorable cat’s presence.


Via cegrunt / reddit

6. Love it when this happens. The girlfriend’s cat loves her boyfriend more than her. And you can all that love for him in those eyes.


Via EggshellsandEyeballs / reddit

7. When his owner finally came home from work, this is eyes he greated them with. I see nothing but unconditional love in those eyes.


Via rpeter / imgur

8. On the left is how the dog reacts to his owner finally coming home from work. On the right is the face the dog makes when its owner is about to leave for work. Just shows the level of attachment.


Via unknown / imgur

It is just so adorable to see the love in the eyes of all the pets and their owners for each other. I am so happy that animals exist in our lives. There is so much they do for us and we should be very grateful for their presence in our lives. The level of attachment does kind of scare me but these animals are brave, they love to comitt when it comes loving someone and don’t care about the negative consequences. Something we should all do.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of pets being extremely precios.

9. As soon as the cat’s owner goes out for a walk, his cat goes to the end of their driveway, sits there, and waits until he comes back.


Via EricPro21 / reddit

10. Tight hugs squeeze unlimited comfort out of our pets.


Via nkt_chu / Twitter

11. This is how the cat hugs her 30-weeks pregnant mom.

Via Peter_Puppy / reddit

12. It’s everything happiness when the owner returns and you can see it on the cat’s face.


Via MaxxedCorky / reddit

13. He has no idea what’s written on that book but he joins his Dad everytime just to show support and be with him.

Via ZupaTrooper / reddit

14. Gamer boy won’t be allowed to win competitions because the cat has now taken over him.


Via CaptainJaker100 / reddit

15. “Early this morning, our Marshy ran through the halls chirping loudly. We woke up to the smell of burning plastic. Got all our babies out and it turned out to be a bad blower on the furnace, according to the firemen. Still, he saved us. Our hero!”

Via mandalarie / reddit

16. Meet Asher. Picture on the top is from the day he got adopted in 2012. And the one on the bottom is 10 years apart. Looks like a lot of things happened in those years and the dog liked it.


Via EricaH121 / reddit

17. Pipa loves bringing mail inside from her owner everytime the mailman comes. Everytime she gets a hint that there’s mail outside, she gets super excited.

Via moomoo220618 / reddit

I know you guys could’ve look at countless more picture like these but the session is over for today. Just to keep you guys on the edge of your seats waiting for another post like this one. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And I hope you guys are now certain about the fact that animals are, indeed, more precious than anything in this world.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more goodness!


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