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10 Hilarious And Relatable Comics That Purrfectly Sum Up The Life of a Cat Person

10 Hilarious And Relatable Comics That Purrfectly Sum Up The Life of a Cat Person

Illustrations can sum up the life of a cat person purrfectly!

Nothing can define the life of a cat person better than an artist. Art has no boundaries. Art gives you the freedom to express yourself. Imagine you are an artist and a cat person too. What a great combo! Now you can create comics around your lovely feline. Being a cat owner is not an easy task. You can not go to work if your cat decides to rest in your lap just 5-minutes before you leave for work. That’s when you know you would not be able to make it to work. Forget about the couch if you have a cat at home because your cat would be resting on the couch all the time. We told you, being a cat owner is not that easy.

Summing up the life of a cat owner is not possible in words so here we have some of the most hilarious and relatable comics made by the artist, Lunar Baboon. He creates comics that depict his life as a cat owner. He depicts the struggles of being a cat owner in light humor and we are loving them. Today, we have compiled 10 comics from his work. Scroll down to enjoy this artist’s work!

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1. The only person who is proud of being his true self:

Cat: I’m perfect, I do not need to be like anyone.

2. When your boss is a cat owner and knows you can not make a cat stand up from your lap:


3. The cat knows how to take the couch from you:


4. When your cat loves to attack your feet when you are sleeping:


Ever happened to you?

5. When you have a project to finish but your cat comes and sleeps on your report:


The kind of project that your boss would definitely approve of.

Lunar Baboon, the artist, is a married man and has one child. He works as a school teacher and loves to create comics. He has more than 656K followers on Instagram which shows how much people love his artwork. The artist defines himself as half man/half moon monkey who loves to create illustrations that depict his life. Every cat owner would relate to his artwork. Have a look at his illustrations and let us know if you can  relate to his comics or not.

6. Never disturb your cat while it is reading a book:


Cat: Human, I am gonna poison you.

7. When you think your cat does not judge you but little do you know:


Cats bitch about us to other cats. Isn’t it weird?

8. That’s how cats trick their owners to get their attention:


Cats are so smart.

9. That’s how you can make your cat talk:


Get the finest bag of cat food for your cat if you want him/her to talk to you.

10. When you are having a dream:


Are you a cat owner? Share some of the struggles you have to deal with being a cat owner. You can also check out the artist’s work on his website.

Here is the cat tax:

Via: u/OmniBushido-

“Found this sweet void abandoned in the basement of a foreclosed home. My boss warned me beforehand that I may find a dead cat, I was so damn grateful to find him. I named him Romeo because he stole my heart.”


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