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20 Times Pets Surprised Their Owners By Learning A New Skill Themselves

Did you know? A research has shown that animals can commune with humans and other animals. They do so by comforting, grieving, and even coming to the rescue in case of any danger. Empathy is what links us all together as humans. When human companions are unavailable, pets are happy to help (for a snack in return, of course). And, to be completely honest, they are sometimes better listeners than people. We don’t deserve pets, to be honest.


Other than showing empathy and care, many animals have unique cognitive abilities like elephants have a great memory, crows know physics, rats solve puzzles, and bees have a democratic dance-off. It’s different that, how an animal expresses its intelligence.

So here at Defused, we have collected 20 examples of pets who surprised their owners by learning a new skill themselves. Keep on scrolling and make sure you watch it till the end.


We have two dogs, one of which is 14 years old and the other is 5 years old. To get the 5 year old to want it, the elder one will start playing with a random toy she doesn’t care about… so she can obtain the one he possessed

They’re also not allowed on the couch… But at night, she’ll slink down the corridor and stand there, listening to see if we’re awake so she can swoop in.

Image source: Coryb155



This is funny, every night between 7:30-8 one of the owner’s dogs stands at the bottom of the stairs and bark until you go upstairs with him and put him on the bed so he can go to sleep, oh the things we do for love.

Image source: Pwbooks13



Meet this doggo who has a lot of toys and he loves to trade toys with the user. When he was little.the user was playing with an action figure and he brought me one of his toys, put it in my lap, and nudged it forward with his nose all while staring at my toy.

Image source: [deleted]



This doggo constantly makes her owner believe that she understands English even though the owner hasn’t taught her the words that she responds to. She’ll point to her and tell her to pick that blue ball and she’ll do exactly that. What an amazing intelligent doggo.

Image source: Pilot_Mosley5



Image source: Subdural17

My older dog once caught a stomach ailment and now refuses to use the restroom in the home. This time, I guess, was an exception. He had diarrhea in the house, but instead of throwing up all over the place, he climbed into the shower and cleaned himself up! I wasn’t pleased, but it was much preferable to the alternative!. Well done doggo!



Image source: ninth9wonder

Now, this is quite hilarious, “I wouldn’t give one of my dogs a treat since the other dog was elsewhere; I didn’t want to play favorites.

So the sneaky little bastard leaves the room. A few seconds later, he walks back in, another dog trailing behind”



Image source: Cyanide_Kitty_101

I once had a horse who lived to reach 32 years old. Sugar was the sweetest horse I’d ever met, and she was named after her. Anyway, she figured out how to open the stall doors when she was in her late twenties. They had a latch that you had to pull to the side after lifting up. She learned how to lift the lock with her mouth, then slide it out to enter the barn and eat the hay. To deter her from doing that, we had to add clasps to the latches. No other horse we’ve ever owned has ever done anything like this, and we’ve had quite a few. Never knew horses were this much smart!.



Image source: punk_perfunctory

Before letting the dog out in the garden this user usually put the kettle on so he can make a coffee on his way back. Somehow this doggo has learned how to turn the kettle on and he does it whenever he wants to go out.



Image source: yungleg

This kitty loves to go under the sink, but the problem is that she is too little to open the door so she has learned that she can open a drawer next to the sink, and turn left to get under the sink. I mean how do they learn that man?



Two years ago, he showed up on my doorstep and refused to go until I let him home and welcomed him into the family. He was a tenacious kitty, meowing and resting on my doorway in the rain for a week before I gave in.

Image source: AvianBEJKS


My dog opens the door like a bloody velociraptor. He actually turns the thumb turn lock and lets himself out. Sometimes convenient but not when it’s cold and wet.

Image source: Daysleepers



Image source: VloekenenVentileren

This rat somehow learned how to open the cage. He would look straight in the eye of his owner, grab the door with his teeth and use his tiny paws to force the door open. Wow, such a smart little animal.


This naughty little cat learned how to open the fridge by watching the dog do it every time. Now she’s skilled in the opening refrigerator and she does it even faster than the doggo.

Image source: NybbleM3



My girlfriend’s cat likes black metal. A lot apparently. She’s a pretty rambunctious gal, but if you put on Immortal or Behemoth, she sits in front of the speakers, lies down, then takes a nap.

I tried playing the GetUp Kids once. The cat slapped me, then hissed. She kept yelling at me until I put the black metal back on. She then jumped back into my lap as nothing happened.”

Image source: M_H_M_F


Image source: pandasareblack

Reminds me of a golden retriever I used to own when I had a waterbed. She wasn’t allowed on the waterbed. Every time I came home, the waterbed would be covered in golden retriever hair, and undulating wildly, while she lay in her bed on the floor.



My dog, who is 3/4 lab and 1/4 husky, discovered a way to get over the electric fence… It was a radius style, and he’d walk circles around the house, letting the collar beep until the battery died, then fleeing. He also worked out how to escape by unlocking the doors and bolt locks, as well as turning the handles. We eventually decided to just let him roam the town for the entire day. He’d travel around 15 miles per day to see his various buddies and families, then return around the time we got home from school. He used to wag his tail so hard that his whole body moved, and I still run across people who were friends with him years after he died at the age of almost 20.

Image source: SophiaMaria33


These users had a dog who was really good at remembering the name of about fifteen of his toys. They just had to say the name of the toy and he was able to pick it up without any problem.

Image source: Flaming_F




My cat has a heating pad, she’s seen my plug it in about 5 times before,so she tried to pick up the cord and run into the wall.

Image source: Peppered012


Image source: Gerreth_Gobulcoque

This user mother just found out that her abusive uncle has passed away. She was flooded with emotions and crying rivers. The user was downstairs with earphones on, dog came downstairs and paced wildly around me until I got up, then led me upstairs. I opened the door and he ran in and laid down next to her and howled with her. Dogs and humans are coevolved. Empathy isn’t a human concept



The user taught his parrot to say thank you whenever he gets a treat, now he uses it to the user when he’s mad about something.

Image source: emmyp08

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