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19 Pets Who Are Ready To Push Your Happy Button And Make You Smile Endlessly

Pets are a great source of happiness.

94% of pet owners believe that their pets make them smile more than once a day. We are sure you are one of those pet owners who are lucky to be made happy by their furry friends. Pets have a charm in their personalities and grab everyone’s attention with their charming personalities. They are the only source of happiness for their owners. From getting quirky to showing mood swings, from hiding in places to asking for attention, pets make us smile with the little things that they do. Today, we have photos of 19 pets who are ready to push your happy button and make you smile endlessly. We warn you that you will be smiling all day and everyone would ask the reason for your smile. So, scroll down at your own risk.

1. When they have a way to surprise you:


© this_username / Reddit

2. “My cat guarding her first and only baby. She’s extra protective of him…”


© Bcrdi1 / Imgur

Cats are extra protective of their newborn babies.

3. “My daughter’s cat is very happy about being able to join her in kindergarten class.”


© Saltwaterblood / Reddit

One of the many benefits of online classes.

4. When she wants to get into every new thing she sees:


© Unknown / Imgur

5. Seems like Yoshi always tastes his hooman’s food first before his owner gets to eat it:


© EddyDiffusion / Reddit

6. When you adopt a new kitten and your dog falls in love with him:


© HayleyHyrule / Imgur

“My Dog Adopted A Kitten As His Own Son Since Day One”

7. When you buy him an expensive water fountain but he likes the toilet more:

© TedCruz666 / Reddit

8. That’s how besties sleep:


© Unknown / Imgur

9. Someone is trying to steal a slice of pizza:

© kevinowdziej / Reddit

Pets are unpredictable. You might be underestimating them but let us tell you, they are smarter than you think. They are the little thieves who would steal your pizza and taste your food without your permission. They are the little troublemakers who would get in trouble and expect you to rescue them. Whatever they do, brings a smile to our faces.

10. “Somebody doesn’t like to share… meet the new puppy Maeve!!”


© urbantomatogardener / Reddit

It will take time but he will learn to share his toys with his little brother.

11. That’s how siblings fight:

© meister2a / Reddit

12. “So the cat was sick of chasing the birds, so he decided to just wait for them to come to him…”


© splinterbutts / Reddit

Cats always take over others’ beds.

13. Who says dogs are not liquid:

© IAreTehPanda / Reddit

14. “He has perfected weird-ass ways to sleep.”


© CressidaFiore / Reddit

Hands down, legs up. A secret to a good sleep/

15. Mom, can you please help me?

© LittleDank / Reddit

16. “My girlfriend’s cat likes to spoon himself.”


© Unknown / Imgur

When your whole body aches, you spoon yourself.

17. She found herself a new place to hang out:

© AMeatBicycle / Imgur

18. Dog: I am very kind and friendly.

The dog:


© GrayRVA / Reddit

19. Who needs a pillow when you have a fluffy cat in your home:

© LucyBelle / Imgur

Are you a pet owner? How did your pet change your life? Did your pets bring a positive change in your life? Do they make you smile? If yes, share their photos with us in the comments section down below.


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