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People Share Hilariously Random Things Dog Owners Say That Others Might Just Find Insane

As a dog owner, we are certain you will agree with the fact that you and your dog share a special bond where words aren’t really needed – our body language is enough to understand each other. Nonetheless, we never hesitate from using our words to express whatever we want to, even when we know the conversation would be one-sided. Though, it is interesting to know that they somehow understand our language.

And, have you ever wondered how your tone automatically changes once you talk to these fuzzies? Dog owners immediately switch to the softest and most affectionate ways of speaking while conversing with their doggos, no matter what the size of their doggo is. This conversation is often only understood by the owner and the dog itself because it includes self-created words and phrases which might not be a part of formal language, how cute is that?

Having a love language of your own, which only your fuzzy would get is the sweetest thing. While conversating with their doggos, dog owners often say things which might sound pretty silly otherwise but those words would mean the world to their dog. Here are some dog owners who have come together to discuss the cutest things they have said to their dogs out of love.

This is going to be hands-down the funniest thread you could have come across! Scroll down and check it out;

via FrancesGumm61022

Seems like a secret world you and your furball have been exploring lately

Via FrancesGumm61022

Seems like this little boy also loves going to that secret land.

 It’s clear you two don’t need a third pal to keep you company.

Via 1imejasan6

The poor woman is probably petrified!

Kindness is the most self-explanatory and the most beautiful language.

Via RedNugomo

Well, the garandma sure wouldn’t want to be excused by that precious doggo either

Via FrancesGumm61022

She’s nice enough to wait for her owner to catch their breath before she starts pulling again.

Via madelinekahnt

What a considerate girl she is!

Honestly, if any person – who is not a dog person, finds you vibing with your dog, cracking intimate jokes, and laughing hysterically without any context, they might even call you crazy. But they are also unaware of the special bond a dog owner shares with their best companion. That unique bond is so hard to explain to anybody who does not adore animals.

But as dog lovers, we know dogs are very sensitive to human emotions, even though they might not be able to comprehend your words, they can definitely understand and perhaps even reciprocate your emotions! They make sure to match your level of energy, anytime, any day. If you’re happy, or even excited about something, they’ll be equally, if not more, excited! And if by any chance you do get sad, tho we doubt that’s even possible in the presence of a doggo, they make sure to turn that frown – upside down!

Will forever keep on wondering what we humans did to deserve dogs. Scroll down to check out more of these dog owners vibing with their furry canines.

Are you puppy-kidding me? That’s puppy-adorable!

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You doggo will always be a little pupper for you no matter how big It grows

Via squaremacaronii

We’re sure your doggo enjoys these silly jokes as well!

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That’s hilarious, the best one till yet

Via ShibaForce

Fur-ever your girl

Via AnUnrulyLlama

Such an endearing topic up on the discussion today! It’s admirable how all these dog owners have such a wholesome relationship with their doggo. Dogs are pretty good at translating your body language, they don’t always need words to know the amount of love you have for them. They are the most amazing pets! *cue the cat owners coming in to get us*

What are some of the special tones and phrases you generally use while talking to your dog? We’d love to hear you say them out loud! Let us know in the comments section below!


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