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19 Times Pets Surprised Us With Their Hilariously Witty Actions

Pets never fail to surprise us.

You might have received the best surprises from your family members and friends but have you ever gotten surprised by your pet?  No doubt, pets are the most adored creatures on the Earth but they leave no chance of surprising us with their cute yet strange pet behaviors. Like humans, pets have emotions too and they have their own ways of showing their emotions. From attention-seeking to the weirdest sleeping positions, pets always have something to surprise us with.


All these behaviors might seem weird to you but are totally acceptable and they will leave you surprised at the end of the day, making you question yourself why they did what they did. Somedays they will make you laugh, other days they might stun you with their actions. Well, whatever they do, you and I have to accept, their prompt actions make our ordinary days a little more exciting. Scroll down below to see how these innocent-looking pets have surprised their owners with their witty actions.

1. The face that you make when you ask your mum for food.

Credits: 114Silverstar

2. This is how a disciplined boy looks like.


Credits: TheBrimic

3. Now I figured out why my bulldog keeps walking in and out of bathroom


Credits: Individual_Assist _19

4. Woke up to this.


Credits: UnicornsandCrap

5. New day, new surprise.


Credits: XIRisingIX

6. His failed attempt to sit in the toilet seat.


Credits: PinkWolfy

This cute little puppy tried his best to use washroom like his owner but failed and we are sad to witness him failing. All our sympathies are with this doggy’s owner who must have had a hard time getting him out of this.

7. No, mommy! I didn’t do this.


Credits: catniphooligan

8. This is what multi-tasking looks like. Yoga while you’re sleeping.


Credits: neogoddess

9. This basket is my new place.


Credits: skipkrik

10. How am I gonna get you out of this?


Credits: Juniper118

Pets are extremely unpredictable, their life is full of adventures and so is the life of a pet owner. They are full-time entertainers, adding fun to your life with their unexpected actions. If you are a pet owner, you must have seen your pet in an unexplainable, weird position. Like how did this cat get into this window? It might be chasing a fly or a bug and got stuck in the window. Well, there is no need to panic since cats are extremely flexible. This is not just it, there is so much more these cute-looking pets can do to leave you in awe. Scroll down to enjoy more surprises.

11. Surprising me with a new sitting position every time.

Credits: cooperchronicles

12. His decision of eating spicy sky raisin is making him regret his decision.


Credits: sissarowroe

13. Cuties will not let you shower alone.

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Credits: 5_Frog_Margin

The dog owner just left the dogs for a while so he can shower but they thought to surprise him by following him to the bathroom. Well, that’s pretty funny, adorable and normal at the same time. If you are a dog owner, you know they wouldn’t let you take shower alone. I think pet owners are used to their dogs/cats sneaking in the bathroom.

14. This is how you sleep after completing your assignments.


Credits: Zealousideal_Bet_433

15. No way! Are you playing hide and seek again?

Credits: thecloudsaboveme

16. Who sleeps like that?


Credits: Colorlesswinecup

17. Someone desperately needs a nap.

Credits: Bart-Wadla

18. Let me wear your shoes.


Credits: BigTallNGinger

19. Clearly not in the mood for a walk.

Credits: I_need_to_learn_more

All these strange sleeping positions and the way these pets throw tantrums are beyond my understanding. No doubt, sometimes their surprises might put you in trouble but don’t you think these pets look irresistible the way they peak through the windows/doors or the way they sleep without worrying about the world. If you are a pet owner and have been surprised by your pet, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments down below.


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