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23 Pets Transformed Into Beauties After A Much Needed Haircut

Hair grooming can change your appearance entirely.

Taking care of your hygiene is something very important for everyone in this world. Cutting nails on time, taking showers and baths regularly, getting haircuts, and just staying clean overall help stay away from so many health diseases. In the case of humans, our elders train us to look after ourselves and cater to our hygiene on our own, some tasks like cutting nails and staying clean in terms of showering, and shaving sensitive parts while other tasks like haircuts are done by professionals.


In the case of animals, they are not able to look after their hygiene so it is their owners’ responsibility to keep their animals neat, clean, and tidy. And one major part of this cleanliness is getting haircuts from professional groomers. Haircuts are very important because you must make sure your cute pet looks the sexiest in town. Another very important reason is that if you ignore the hair growth of your pets, especially those who grow their hair out very quickly, some disease growth on the skin might go unnoticed and that could be very problematic if the disease isn’t diagnosed early. Another problem is that overgrowth of hair can cause eye-related infections in some breeds of dogs as well.  Fortunately, owners love their pets and they are proactive more than reactive when it comes to grooming. They take their pets to professional hairdressers and groomers because those pets must not be denied good looks and they deserve a healthy life. Professional groomers understand animal hygiene very well and schedule appointments so everything stays under control. I love how the whole society makes a collaborative effort to keep our precious animals happy, healthy, and on top of their spirits.  And sometimes when the hairdressers work with an extra bit of love, those pets transform into something completely different and that often makes owners question themselves before picking their own pet up from the groomer because they get too hard to recognize.

Let’s enjoy some before and after pictures of animals who went to a professional hairdresser and changed into someone better.

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1. There was so much hair on him that he literally shrunk in size after the haircut.

Via kratbegone / Reddit

2. Owing to a visit to the groomer, this dog turned into an underworld mafia don and looks like it is loving it.


Via malsponseller / Imgur

3. Personality assumptions based on appearance and haircuts guide that change. To me, they changed him from a tiny big boy to a tiny little girl.


Via latte_shihtzu / Reddit

4. I refuse to believe these two images are of the same dog. Even his owner had to check thrice before being sure it is their dog.


Via unknown_user / Imgur

5. This little pup started appearing like a dog after the untidy growth of hair. After a much-needed hair, he is back to being a pet.


Before he looked like he does not believe in making friends but after the haircut, it looks like he is ready to be friends with everyone in this world. The real personality was hiding deep under that untidy coat.

Via HighrockTendales / Imgur

6. He was so excited after his haircut. You can see the freshness and excitement dripping down his face. He knows he is a sexy dog today.


That difference is so drastic. Why do owners take so much time to take their pets to groomers? My guy looks so tired of carrying all that hair.

Via Reebz1 / Imgur

7. The hair that must’ve come off that doggo probably filled the entire room. There was an entire dog hiding behind the hair and I thought it was only a nose and a mouth.


Via motosurfinUSA / Imgur

8. Bob’s visit to the groomer was long overdue. It finally happened and the results were absolutely astonishing. He can finally see without any hair hindrance.


Via pege45 / Reddit

9. One haircut and he becomes a different dog.


Via BrunoMMC93 / Reddit

10. I love this hairdresser. He left the mustache on.


Via FlamingoKing / Imgur

11. Dogs who get haircuts together, stay together.

Via lucygoose / Imgur

If you notice one thing, their faces look so tired and exhausted in all the before pictures we have seen so far. It’s like they too realize that the hair has grown too much and they need a haircut as soon as possible, it’s just that they can’t explain it to their owners and just have to wait for them to realize it’s time. And when you compare the before pictures with the after pictures, it conforms to my theory because they all look so happy, excited, and fresh after the haircuts. Just goes on to show animals realize the importance of cleanliness, it’s just that they can’t really do anything about it so their owners must keep a close eye on these matters too because ignorance can be dangerous.

Happy to see all these dogs shining bright after the haircuts, They all look very adorable and I cannot wait for you guys to enjoy more transformations.

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12. Our best friend was looking very concerned when going to the groomer for the first time. But on his way back, he was very happy he committed and got the haircut.


Via gemskate613 / Imgur

13. Hey little girl, how long have you been hiding in there?

Via Icanneverthinkofanoriginalusername / Imgur

14. 50% of the dog’s eyes were covered under hair. Just shows how important haircuts are for animals like this one.


Via Hamglove / Imgur

15. This dog is 15 years old and he did look 15 before the haircut. After, he doesn’t look a day older than 5 years.

Via AmericasNextTopMcguffin / Imgur

16. Hold on a minute, I was expecting a bit of black on that coat but it is an all-white dog. I am surprised.


Via pllaidllama / Imgur

17. I have a feeling that his owner got the wrong dog back from the groomer. The two dogs look so different.

Via shcauurhhh77 / Imgur

18. The first visit to the groomer is always full of anxiety and stress because you don’t know whether you selected the right hairdresser or not. But it looks like this dog owner made the right decision for his pupper. He looks so handsome!


Via ThatSteeve / Imgur

19. Awe, the little baby had been carrying so much burden on its back. He looks relieved after the haircut.

Via Bubbl3gum / Imgur

20. I swear you cannot see the dog in the before picture. Dogs should be given haircuts on a regular basis. Their beauty must be showcased to the world.


Via unknown_user / Imgur

21. He looks so happy after his haircut and it seems like he wants to tell the whole world about it.

Via unknown_user / Imgur

22. Before he looked like an old, bearded person who has achieved everything in this world. After the haircut, he looks like a teenager who is ready to take over the world.


A haircut is a magical spell.

Via Gijake / Imgur

23. I wanted to personally thank this person for finally taking their dog to the groomer. Seriously, look at the change in its body language after the haircut.

Owners shouldn’t wait this long to take their pets for a haircut.

Via keldry27 / Imgur

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. How were all the animals looking after the haircut?


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