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26 Hardworking And Talented Dogs Who Deserve To Become “Employee Of The Month”

Dogs are talented and they can perform a lot of duties.

Dogs are kept as pets but besides just being pets, doggos are capable of doing a lot of things. They can handle several responsibilities and are far better than humans. If they are trained to handle something, they would take it seriously and would nail it. Dogs can be the best security guards; they will save you from thieves and also save your life if someone attacks you. We know how faithful they are but they can also be rescue dogs, service dogs, guide dogs and much more. We have seen them detecting pregnancies, finding truffles, detecting threats, comforting children, herding sheep and helping patients with Parkinson’s disease. Today, we have 26 talented working dogs who deserve to get “employee of the month”. Scroll down and enjoy!!

1. “I was laughing and my dog thought I was hyperventilating and got me my emergency inhaler. Thanks pal? LOL.”

© ohnorosa / reddit

Cute and hilarious at the same time. Now, we know how serious therapy dogs are for their owners.

2. A therapy dog who just got retired:


© pancakesfordintonite / reddit

“This is Benny. He was the therapy dog at the middle school in the town I live. He’s being forced into retirement because of his health. I guess I just wanted the world to know about this wonderful pupper.”

3. “Average size for an Oregon black truffle is between 1 and 2 ounces. Today Rhu found a perfect 7.0 once truffle!”


© I_wear_foxgloves / reddit

Look at the way he is sticking his tongue out. He knows the truffle is going to be very tasty.

4. “This is Bill. Yesterday he had his first day of training to be my medical alert dog. He’s going to be the first medical alert dog for my illness in Australia and will learn how to save my life. Here he is wearing an assistance dog coat and visiting a shopping centre for the first time :)”


© lauraraurala / reddit

Bill is surely going to be the best medical alert dog and look at his face. How happy he is to visit the shopping center!

5. When you love your work and do not want to retire:


© caradee / reddit

“Retired good boy Harley just wants to go back to work”

6. “This is Elvis, who holds the very specialized job of polar bear pregnancy sniffer. He can detect pregnancy in polar bear poop with 97% accuracy!”


© CatPooedInMyShoe / reddit

No need to go to the hospital. We present to you the specialized Elvis, who can detect pregnancy in polar bears with 97% accurate results.

7. “This girl is just taking a break from a long day of leading a team of 10 dogs (and a human) on a sled ride!”


© ellendetoffee / reddit

Aww, she looks tired.

8. Nap under your desk whenever you are tired at work:


© mydogisincharge / reddit

“My dog comes to work everyday. Officially his title is “Chief Morale Officer” but mostly he is a Professional Napper in his bed under my desk.”

9. Meet Georgia, the service dog for a vet with PTSD.


© dshark789 / reddit

“Right now she’s in labor giving birth to beautiful future service dogs, wish her luck.”

10. “Explosive-detecting doggo retirement party—the black & chocolate labs are retiring from service with the federal courts and fire marshal, respectively, and the other two are their replacements!”


© ReluctantMuse / reddit

To the bois retiring, you guys have done an incredible job and we wish a warm welcome to the new bois.

11. “This is my retired sled dog Bonzo. He has 10,000 plus miles under is collar in MT, CO, and AK. This is him on his last sled run a year ago. Give it up for my boy Bonzo.”

© 3EyedOwl / reddit

12. Meet the rescue pitbull who helps the patients with Parkinson’s disease:


© MissVictoriaE / reddit

“My mum has Parkinson’s and my rescue pitbull will rest his head on whatever part of her body tremors the worst. He’s done this without training. Last night he had his chin on her feet for an hour until she fell asleep.”

13. A talented and tired doggo sleeping after being on duty the whole day:

© bunnyfloofington / reddit

“My service dog got a new bed with our first paycheck after getting our first job together! She’s the hardest worker in the whole office <3” No matter how hardworking and energetic doggos are, they also get tired at the end of the day and they deserve to rest so they can serve mankind. Dogs are selfless and faithful, they would never give up to save their humans.

14. When you are lost and a search dog comes for the help:


© Wiggletails / reddit

“The moment you realize that you are no longer lost when Hunter the Search Dog comes looking for you.”

15. “guess who’s the goodest ATM guard”

© despacitoya / reddit

That is one handsome doggo at job.

16. Meet diabetic alert dog, Dakota:


© computerperson0614 / reddit

“This is my diabetic alert dog Dakota she alerts me if my blood sugar is high or low”

17. When you are a good service dog, you deserve a toy from IKEA:

© CalmingDog / reddit

18. Meet Watson who comforts children at the zoo.


© thekidsarentok / reddit

“This is Watson. He works at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha,Nebraska. He helps comfort children who get hurt at the Zoo. He has worked for the Zoo for 6 years.”

19. Meet Enzo, who works as a dentist’s assistant:

© astralbuzz / reddit

“Meet Enzo, the office pup at my dentist. 10/10, would go to dentist again to pet this good boy.”

20. Meet the sheep herding doggo:


© JaderBug12 / reddit

“I think we nailed our Christmas card this year”

21. Meet Tucker, who keeps the deer away from grapes:

© vowels-spacetime / reddit

“This is Tucker. He saves his vineyard and winery at least $10,000 per year by keeping the deer away from the grapes.”

22. “This is Ruby. She visited our university to cheer us up.”


© BenDover04me / reddit

This certified therapy dog with glasses is looking adorable.

23. “This is a water rescue pup! He’s only 1!”

© spooky-shadow / reddit

So young, so talented.

24. Meet River, the Autism Service dog in training.


© madbacon26 / reddit

“This is River he is training hard to become my Autism Service dog and we will attend college together next year!”

25. This pupper is keeping an eye on Chip who keeps getting stuck in the fence.

© JaderBug12 / reddit

“Chip earned a Cone of Shame last night because he keeps getting stuck in the fence. Pepper was my photography assistant, she helped maneuver him so I could photograph his shame”

26. The duck herding doggo on duty:


© JaderBug12 / reddit

“My oldest at 12, Jade, getting all her ducks in a row”

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