30 Reactions Of Pets Who Realized They Were Tricked Into Being Taken To The Vet

Everyone on this planet has some deepest darkest fear.

No, please do not get us wrong in thinking that we are calling everyone is a coward, but that is exactly what we are saying. Okay, jokes aside there is nothing to be ashamed of if you fear something. There is no definition or scale that defines the levels of fear here, one could be afraid of snakes while the others could fear communication or social gatherings. So you cannot classify or categorize anyone based on their fear because it literally could be of anything.  And try not to laugh at someone for fearing something that you feel is funny because your fears might end up being funnier. Now that we’ve got a humanities and ethics lecture out of the way, let’s move to today’s topic which is about pet animals’ fear.

Animals are exactly like humans, they get scared of a lot of things. A cat would definitely shit bricks if it saw a rhino sprinting at it at full speed or vice versa. All animals have different fears but when we talk about pet animals, there is a standardized fear that they all carry in their hearts and that fear is veterinary doctors. As a kid, I used to hate going to the doctor, I don’t know why it’s just that impression that they will inject stuff into me and it’ll hurt always made me fear them so much. Well, animals are little babies too and it is only fair for them to fear vet doctors as well. Even though the vets work day in day out to help protect the health of as many animals as possible, it is not easy to get that through the animal’s head that the person in the white coat is there to help. In fact, the person in a white coat is evil to them. So as parents, you have to perhaps trick them into thinking they are being taken somewhere else to get them to enter the car, only to see a huge betrayal on their faces when they drive past all the restaurants and stop right at the vet’s clinic.

Let’s enjoy some cute reasons for animals feeling betrayed.

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1. They tricked this poor thing into thinking they are going to the park but I think he knows very well where he is being taken.

Via Scriblette/reddit

2. You better not trick me with the whole McDonald’s thing again and take me to the vet instead…Steven?


I am sorry, pup It is too late now.

Via Troyster143/reddit

3. This person’s cat entered a brawl with a bet that the loser had to go to the vet to get its tail shaved…looks like things didn’t go too well for the whitey!


Via musky13/reddit

4. He is being body-shamed and there is nothing he can do about it, he just wants to get out of there as soon as possible.


Oh, so they do that to animals too.

Via SonyCOX/pikabu

5. Okay we can go but only if you get me Chicken Nuggets on our way back.

Another soldier got played by the trickery.


Via GoldenTogepi/reddit

6. When the doctor says you have been eating too much and devises a new diet plan.


Via Ovaryeacting/reddit

7. Hey Dad, so where are we going? Dad: To the vet. Dog: Wait, what did you say?


Via SeeElAre/reddit

8. No, Dad. Please stay close. They are going to come anytime now.

It is like a proper horror movie. He looks so terrified.


Via Misterguinness/reddit

9. Okay, Doc! I know my parents trick me into getting me here but this is my yard now.


Although terrified, showing its fear is the last thing a cat would do. You have to make it.

Via a_mccut/reddit

10. Whatever it takes to delay the doctor’s appointment.


There is no avoiding it, baby.

Via shadowinc/reddit

11. Awe, I would’ve taken it home right away.

The dog looks so petrified, I can’t.

Via PandorasFox/reddit

12. Why can’t I just chill in the sink for 20 minutes Doc and you tell my parents everything went well?


Sorry, they swore an oath.

Via dog_drool_dayz/reddit

13. When you overhear your parents about taking you to the vet today.

Via foxmalts/reddit

14. Cry for help to the cat gods to maybe rescue it out of this one.


Via bushmaster69/reddit

15. Ah, so this is where things end for me. This is what hell looks like.

Via stephiejeanmachine/reddit

Oh boy! The fear in those eyes is very clear. I really don’t know why we as kids hated going to the doctor or why do animals hate it so much too. It is just a universal notion that we hate those who want to help us. The reactions are so cute. I feel sorry for them all but I can’t help laughing too.

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16. Looks like this cat had a lot to say and give after it was sterilized at the vet.


Via thefantasticme2093/pikabu

17. Mother I will do anything you ask me, just take me home.

Via MartyFromNC/reddit

18. Wait a minute, I recognize that signboard…Guys? Where are you taking me?


Via GallowBoob/reddit

19. He is hoping he will magically teleport back to his house when he turns back.

Via zapperdude60/reddit

20. Every time her owner takes her to the doctor, she shows fear by getting closer and closer to the neck.


Via Ramphastid556/reddit

21. He thought perhaps changing form would trick the doctor into thinking he is a human and not take him in for a check-up.

Via JunkyardForLove/reddit

22. Here’s how animals protest when they are betrayed into being taken to the vet.


Via sgthompson640/reddit

23. Look what fear makes the strongest turn into.

Via QEDomelets/reddit

24. Did anyone say “Vet”?


Via boopmonger/imgur

25. But you promised it was going to be Chick-Fil-A.

Via Vexinglotus941/imgur

26. Here you see a very rare sight of an animal being really calm at the doctor’s office.


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27. They do end up finding friends, that helps until their turn comes.


Via BoulderBaked420/reddit

28. I know I have been tricked, there is no point in laughing at me now.

Via rlk13/imgur

29. It is in a shock.


Via u/fugololo/reddit

30. The final journey, this is how it looks.

Via u/Federer45/reddit

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