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45 Adoption Stories Of Pets Who Just Found A New Home

Someone did not lie when they said “A pet is man’s best friend”. No, that’s not only for the dogs, but it can also be said for any pet, we think. Knowing that there is someone who waits for you to get home from work, gives you company throughout the day, releases your stress and puts you in a happy mood, or makes you want to be around them and take care of them gives you a certain kind of serotonin that cannot be described in just some amount of words.


Since for all of us its been one crazy ride from the year 2021 to 2022, it’ll only be fair to rush start this year with a load of wholesome adopted stories of animals and pets that will not only bring us to our knees (in a very affectionate way) but also will make our hearts swoon enough to adopt a pet of our own one day. Moreover, with the growing difficulties in the everyday lifestyle of an individual, be it pressure from work, school or friends, or something entirely trivial that puts you off, these adoption stories will be an escape that’ll not only relax your mind but will also promise to make you cry happy tears. Without further ado, here are some of the collections that we put together for you to adore.

Hope you love it just as much as we did!

1. What a smiley pup!

via u/mightbedylan

“This is my new friend, Harvey! Took this just minutes after adopting him!”

2. The love can be seen through the picture!

via  u/IsOneCrackRockEnough

“Adopted her 2 months ago, I think she finally adopted me back last night”

3. When you see it…

via  u/thewinds0fshit

“Adopted a cat but left her brother so I had to go back a few days later and get him too.”

4. What is better than two kittens? THREE kittens!

via u/NoLongerARedditor

“Originally was going to adopt 2 of these guys. Turns out three times the charm. We got all the siblings together! They’re super close and we didn’t want to leave the sister out. Any advice would help as first-time cat owners :)”

5. Two peas in a pod!

via u/jmp040

“I adopted these twins tonight! I haven’t got names yet though.”

6. Awww!

via u/cosmic8bit

“Just adopted this precious little man. Desperate for name ideas!!”

7. Sassy as ever!

via u/Waggmans

“Mandarin was the coolest cat at the shelter- I had to adopt him”

8. Cute liddul peanut!

via u/TheTeddly

“My fiancée and I are adopting this little girl! Any name ideas? (Food/drink names preferred)”

9. When you wake up from a great nap not knowing in which dimension you are!

via  u/kookphoria97

“The first day I adopted this abandoned kitty and 48 days later.”

10. Just a little hug would make it all better!

via u/Wauwaiiiiiii

“Adopted a kitten today! Her name is Loki, she is super scared but too cute”

11. Tongue boop!

via  u/Cheesyulcer

“This is Pudding, I adopted him – he has no teeth so keeping his tongue in is hard…”

12. Getting cozy with the embrace!

via u/foxcat0_0

“Adopted an older kitty who had been returned to the shelter a few times. I think we’ve bonded!”

13. “Who you lookin’ at?”

via u/Bloodyfaucet

“After the overwhelming support I got, I realized older cats get adopted less than I thought. Here is 12 year old Hermes who has lived in the shelter for six years. The lady started crying in joy when I said I wanted him.”

14. He definitely knows his place!

via u/crowabunga

“One day after adopting our 14-week old ragamuffin and he owns the place”

15. Toby has his priorities set!

via u/Totaler166

“Silly old fart adopted as a senior cat in 2009. Humane Society only charged us $40 “because he’s old”. 12 years later and he still does 4 am zoomies. Never change, Toby.”

16. Still in a mood!

via u/Typical_White_Girl

“My recently adopted senior cat, Grandpa Todd”

17. Just beautiful!

via  u/grizzlyperthy

“Meet Kiba, a feral kitten I adopted.”

18. What a cute family!

via  u/Ladadidadadida

“My boyfriend and I recently adopted this big boy. He’s 2!”

19. Looks so majestic!

via u/systoliq

“This is Frank. He’s my first cat. I adopted him last month, and I’m so glad I did.”

20. The family he always wanted…

via u/lifeofacookie

“We adopted the smaller kitty 3 days ago. They’ve bonded so quickly”

21. Looks exactly like Garfield!

via u/haeleigh69

“Just adopted this guy this morning! His name is Franklin and is 3 years old.”

22. The cats who cuddle together, stay together!

via  u/TieDyeSky

“The shelter made a rule that these siblings had to be adopted together because they were inseparable. They sleep like this every night.”

23. Cat bestie all the way!

via u/voodlesnoodles

“Akali was returned to the shelter by her first adopter, but now I have a best friend”

24. Just want to squish this little fella!

via u/teenytiny212

“My neighbour just adopted this little thing and I just can’t”

25. Every one likes that!

via u/XaVierDK

“We may have adopted a tiny snow leopard”

26. Deserves the most adorable name to exist!

via  u/mybnr34

“Just adopted this stray kitty and he needs a name..”

27. All ‘heart’ eyes for him!

via u/7bottlesofwine

“We adopted two kitties last week. We got them home and notice one of them is covered in hearts. Seven and counting. Here’s River, King of Hearts.”

28. And quite grumpy!

via u/SpecialFeet

“Just adopted a 13-year-old cat. Who gets rid of an old cat? She’s great at purring.”

29. Indeed the best decision ever!

via u/MSK7

“Went to adopt a kitten yesterday and her sister started crying for her as soon as they were separated. So now I have two kittens. Best decision ever!”

30. She is just as lucky!

via  u/catswinemfm

“I adopted this 7 y.o lady just over a month ago. Each day she seems cosier & more playful than the last. She was in a shelter since May 2019 which made me so sad to hear when I met her. She’s incredibly sweet & I am very lucky to have her.”

31. Cross him and die!

via  u/rollybygolly

“I adopted the unfriendliest cat in the shelter. He was afraid and had been there for months, hostile to people. 8 months later after a ton of patience and love, he is the neediest little lap cat”

32. Litlle Mr. boop!

via u/audiodrone

“My foster Socks at PetSmart. He got adopted!”

33. Ham absolutely looks adorable!

via u/fcbRNkat

“I adopted Ham two months ago and today he sat on my lap for the first time!”

34. As excited as he can be!

via u/harding44

“I was fostering this goof when a family adopted him. The family brought him back for being “too large” so I adopted him. Welcome home, big guy.”

35. Just want to cuddle this one!

via u/SomeTwelveYearOld

“I’m 43, never had a dog. My kids talked me into it and now I’m a dog guy”

36. Everyone is happy!

via u/Participant8119

“Our foster puppy when we told her we were adopting her”

37. Anything that reminds you of sweetness!

via  u/Okinawa_Stormtrooper

“Just adopted this sweet old girl, need a name!”

38. Those puppy eyes!

via u/Big-Nibble

“Just adopted this little nugget. She needs a name.”

39. Copy-paste!

via u/Clear-Relief-1424

“A few weeks ago I adopted a puppy (right) and today a new dog appeared in front of the door and he looks like he is the same dog from the future and he is trying to warn himself about something.”

40. He already loves you!

via u/D_Poner57

“Just got home from adopting this fella!”

41. What a beautiful transformation!

via  u/ChiefWolfy

“My brother’s dog, Ricky, before and after adoption.”

42. Happy to be around you!

via u/dickgunslinger

“Two weeks ago, I adopted a boy with the saddest face from a nearby shelter. He’s really come out of his shell in that time and has already grown attached to me. Meet Tom Bombadog!”

43. Smol and the cutest!

via u/ConnorFroMan

“The moment I knew I had to adopt him.”

44. Grandpa loves the new kitty!

via u/Mocking_jai

“This little baby (Cider) was finally adopted from the Humane Society of Marshall County!”

45. Loves the new home!

via u/audreybrookee

“Left was from 5 days ago before I adopted him. Right was earlier today. I am so lucky I adopted him, he’s the sweetest most caring cat and I’m thankful to have him.”

Now that was the most innocent yet uplifting experience of my life. Perhaps, these stories and pictures encouraged you guys enough to adopt a pet of your own immediately because it sure did motivate us to do so! All we know is how these animals got a new home, a new family that will take care of them and moreover, a better space to live in where they can spread their positive vibes and more.

Even as pets, they are living creatures that require constant care, love and affection. Hence, it is only fair that instead of being abandoned in a shelter, they too get their needs met. Now every time you see them, it’ll not only bring a huge smile to your face but also give you the realization of how much of a good deed you have done as a person.

Let us know in the comments below how you liked the article and the wholesome stories. Share your own stories as well.


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