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43 Much Wow Photos Of Shiba Inu That Will Make You Such Smile

Ever seen a small fluffy doggo who’s playful and acts like a cat from time to time? Then you have encountered a Shiba Inu. They are a Japanese breed whose ancestors are large Akita, Kishu, Hokkaido, Kia, medium Shikoku and small Shiba. They were bred to hunt birds and sometimes hunt the wild boar.


These puppers can easily be mistaken for stuffed toys and are very playful and alert dogs. They can easily win the heart of even the most cold-hearted person as they are very lovable and adapt well in the apartment living environment. Though they can be a bit hard to train and if not exercised well, they can become a small destructive tornado just like Taz from the Looney Tunes. Other than that, they are always very high spirited and pleasant in nature. We have collected 43 photos of Shiba Inu that will brighten up your day.

Scroll down and take a look!

“Please keep on talking. I like what I’m hearing.”

Who’s your best friend? Maru:


Credits: marutaro

Shiba Inu Maru Loves To Sleep, Especially With His Little Stuffed Polar Bear Toy

They know how to pose and when the light is right…


Credits: hvrrysstyles

Oh My God He’s Looking Straight At The Camera With Crossed Paws This Is The Best Photo I’ve Taken

That’s how you brighten up everyone’s day.


Credits: electrapng

Someone Put This Sign Up On The Campus Notice Board And It Made My Entire Day

“I was just pretending to fly when i realized i was stuck!”


Credits: yamamochi223

Just Hangin’ Out Here… Stuck? No Way

We can see the regret in her eyes.


Credits: didlo

She Ate A Scorpion

Shiba Inu have very fluffy, curled and short tails. Apparently, they look like a baby fox with prick ears and a lot of fur making them a great breed to cuddle with. They weigh around 20 pounds (It varies from dog to dog) and have some skilled ninja moves. They are alert and have a bold yet fierce personality. The Japanese describe this breed in three words:

 kaani-i (spirited boldness), ryosei (good nature), and soboku (alertness).

“Don’t make me mad… In case you do, say your prayers.”


Happy dogs smile the prettiest!


“Hello camping neighbor!”


Credits: nigaiii

“WEE… Hooman i love swings! Swing me faster!!!”


Credits: unihalo

Uni-Chan Is A 7-Year-Old Shiba Inu Who Loves Swings

“Hooman, I don’t quite like this… Please put me down.”

Credits: shibaken_nuts

I’m Tired Of This “Couple’s Yoga” Thing Karen

That’s a fan or perhaps just an overly charged Shiba Inu.


Credits: shibacentraI

What Th..- Turbo Doge!

Shiba Inu in a very playful mode.

Advertisement by UDM

A beautiful baby and mama moment.


Credits: BigWorldSmallDogs

My Puppy Gave His Mom A Hug

It’s Doge Trump.

Credits: sofuckingfabulous

She Looked So Pleased With Herself, Until I Decided To Have Some Fun

It’s a Shiba train!


Credits: mRNA28

All Aboard The Shibe Express

The ultimate Shiba blep! *Melts…*

Credits: ryuji513

Meet Ryuji, The Most Expressive Shiba From Japan

Shiba playing with Shiba action figure is the best thing on the internet today.


Before and after having a meal… *Those toofies though!*

Credits: yorokonemo

The bag is filled with dog treats.


Credits: Ipostrandomthings

Adventure Shibe Reporting For Duty


Credits: Yuri

Shiba Sticking Their Heads Out Of The Wall And Waiting To Be Not

“Left foot, right foot, left foot…”


Credits: shibainuinari

When Someone Forces You To Go Out And You Actually Have Fun

Being from Japan, of course, these Shiba know karate!

Credits: _Googly__Eyes_

That’s definitely his tinder profile photo.

Credits: shibaheaven

We can get lost in their fur…

Credits: shibacentraI

Conspiracy Theory: Memory Foam Is Made From Shiba Inus

This is adorable. Guess Shiba enjoys nature.


Credits: JustAnINFJ

Screen Captures That Perfectly Depict Yoshi’s Derpy Yet Nutty Personality

Boo! The Shiba Inu ghost…


Credits: coco_NUTS

I Managed To Capture A Scary Ghost Sighting

“Whatcha talking about?! There’s no one underneath!”

Credits: sunbolts

“They see me rollin, they lovin’.”


Credits: zero.mika

That a bread loaf Shiba!

Credits: minapple

Oh You Thought I Was A Bunny? Bamboozled!

Twerk it like Miley!

Credits: shibainu_roco

When you’re the short one in the squad.


Credits: OveraHype

“Take a bath they said…It’ll be fun they said.”

Credits: CrazyKrash

This Week On Shiba Ball Z…

“No, no, no” *Tickle time!!*

Credits: Art_Magician

That’s a very strong Shiba!


Credits: MaGuishi

This Shiba is an artist. Look at that masterpiece.

Credits: glumpyfish

“HAHA. Hooman!”

Credits: thegentilewookie

“I make dog doors for a living.”


Credits: shibacentra

The Shiba Redemption

More like a red light therapy.

Credits: 5tommi

He Warming

That tail is perfectly fluffy and curled. *Wiggle Wiggle!*

Credits: SeriesOfAdjectives

“Hooman, we refuse to walk. Now make us!”


Credits: yukari6416_yuri

When you see bae after months.

Two peas in a pod.

Credits: Charlynn Rose

Shiba Inu is a perfect dog to have. That fluffiness is worth everything. What do you guys think? Let is know in the comments below. Also, share this with fellow doggy owners.


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