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50 Dogs Who Don’t Understand The Concept Of Personal Space

Our dogs can’t imagine spending a moment without us. They wait patiently when we are not home and walk around the house wagging their tails. Everytime they hear a passing by vehicle or someone at the door, they rush to see if we’re back home. On the other hand, when we talk about cats, they don’t seem to care much when we’re away. They engage in their usual activities which mostly include napping and staking random objects. Going on their little adventures in the backyard and neighborhood patrolling is also included. Well, while cats and dogs have different behaviors, there certainly is a trait they both share. That is not having a concept of personal space.


We all know that cats have no concept of personal space.They will proudly invade our space without any guilt and we’re not surprised. But dogs do the same thing shamelessly. They love to cuddle and to the extent that they would have no regrets sitting on our faces while they do so. This beahvior of dogs is not only confined to humans, but they would do the same with cats and fellow dogs too. We found 50 pictures that will prove that dogs have no understanding of personal space and they will crack you up. Scroll down and check it out.

#1 Big boy just wants to hangout!

Credits: SmartSharkIsSmart

My Friends Malamute Thinks He’s A Lap Dog

#2 He’s just feeling a bit sleepy and needs a shoulder.


Credits: Brighteyed0510

She Was Yelling “Auntie He’s Squishing Me!”. I Look Back To Find Him Completely Content

#3 There’s a reason why they put locks on the bathroom doors… Now we know why.


Credits: NYR99

When You Live Just With Your Wife That Must Mean That You Don’t Have To Lock The Bathroom Door, Right? Wrong

We’ve seen a lot of cats accompanying us to the bathrooms just to make sure the toilet seat doesn’t engulf us or the cockroach doesn’t start to fly. They sit still in front of us and stare straight into our eyes awkwardly while we take care of the business. It’s surprisingly awkward that some dogs do the same. They just love to bang right into the bathroom just to say hello and then decide to stay till we’re done. The concept of personal space is greek to them.

#4 “The cat seems sad, I must go and cuddle to make it feel better. It’s okay buddy, everything will be alright.”


Credits: becausepuppies

My Friends Puppy Just Wanted To Cuddle. The Cat? Not So Interested

#5 “Don’t worry hooman, I’ll keep you warm.”


Credits: thefinkasaurus

My Dad Kept Griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This Is How I Find Them Napping

#6 “Wow hooman! You have strong shoulders.”



My Great Dane Thinks He’s A Parrot

#7 “No matter how big i get, I’ll always be your child.”


Credits: kneelingsolvesproblems

Sometimes She Has Problems Recognising Personal 

#8 The other dog is like “Lord… give me patience.”


Credits: Rstevens009

No Sense Of Personal Space

#9 “That’s my hooman… Go get your own.”


Credits: Dawn Hester

No Concept Of Personal Space

#10 The big dog is like, suffer.


Credits: Pokeia

My Pup Got A Little Crushed On The Ride Back Home Last Weekend

#11 Who needs sunscreen when you can have pug butt instead!


Dog Who Is Also A Face Mask

#12 So adorable and so funny at the same time!



My Buddy Rooney Has Personal Space Issues

#13 The kid’s face is priceless! 

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Get This Thing Off Me!

#14 This one’s learning to be a lap dog. Cute!


Credits: brittskyy

Two Months Off The Race Track And My Adopted Greyhound Is Still Trying To Understand What Being A Lap Dog Is All About

#15 “Hooman, I’m tired. I’m gonna take some rest.”

Credits: Brostrodamus

Yeah, I’m Just Gonna Sit Right Here

#16 “Wait baby, let me handle this.”


#17 Who needs a faux fur blanket when you have this beautiful beast!

#18 “Hooman, I’ll watch the door.”


credits: redhaireverywhere

You Think Your Cats Don’t Respect Personal Space?

#19 “Hello there hooman! What ya doin’?”

Credits: honourablechairman

My Dog Has Personal Space Issues

#20 “My hooman’s face is a pillow.”


Credits: SandraShipley95

According To Lily I Make A Good Pillow

#21 Just modern day brotherly love…

#22 “Chill bro, I’ll make you feel better.”


Credits: JeffreeyRodriguez

This Dog’s Very Awkward Attempt To Cuddle

#23 It’s like a big comfy, soft sofa that will sit ON you!

Credits: PetplanPets

Meet Bailey, Our 130 Pound Lap Dog

#24 “Some good morning kisses for my hooman!”

Credits: Jcrescenzi84

Chloe Doesn’t Understand Personal Space

#25 “Hooman, it’s cold outside! Let me keep you warm…”

Credits: aap71

Irish Wolfhound Puppy Wants His Chair.

#26 This one gives a WHOLE new meaning to getting in someones pants!


Credits: sneakyasfuckk

My Dachshund Doesn’t Care About My Boyfriends Personal Space

#27 The wrinkly baby loves napping with the owner.


Credits: lamaestratx

What’s This Personal Space You Speak Of?

#28 Big doggos are the best!

#29 This is how you nap with a big boy in the house…


Credits: JamaicaMeCraz

The Perks Of Owning A Great Dane Mix

#30 “Hooman, I’ll protect you!”

#31 “Hooman, whatcha watchin’ on the phone? “

Credits: craftyyuppie

My Husband Has Long Forgot What Personal Space Is Like

#32 “I’ve been a good boy hooman, and i deserve some good boy pats.”


Credits: Oreos-n-Milk

Our 11-month-old, 130 Pound Lap Dog Simba

#33 The reason why we can’t work…


This Dog Don’t Believe In Personal Space

#34 “There’s no thing as personal space… It’s bullsh*t.

Credits: Karma_Kaze

No Sense Of Personal Space

#35 “Hoooooman, im getting bored… So I will inspect you from from here.”



I Hate When Someone Is Looking Over My Shoulder At My Screen

#36 The other dog is just like… please help me.

Credits: KSmegal

Oakley Doesn’t Care About Personal Space

#37 “I wanna look out your side of the window Hooman!”

Credits: superwholockianforthewin

Huskies Have No Concept Of Personal Space

#38 When you want your dog to look at the other side of the wall.


I Need Higher!

#39 The dog’s idea of personal space…

Pretty Much Sums Up Tia’s Idea Of What Personal Space Is

#40 “Let’s see who blinks first!”

Credits: jasperislington

What Is This Personal Space Of Which You Speak?

#41 Big boy taking up a huge chunk of human’s personal space…


#42 The head to tail rule: doggo version.


My Great Dane Oakley Weighs 110lbs, But He Thinks He’s Only About 10lbs And Sees Absolutely No Reason Why He Can’t Sit On My Lap

#43 “Let’s do whatever you’re doing together hooman.”

Pleased With Himself, As Always.

#44 Anything that makes the dog comfortable.


Credits: vizsladobe

#45 “Playtime!”

Credits: sdowdell

Lola Thinks College Coursework Is Just Another Excuse To Invade Personal Space For Playtime

#46 “Oh hooman! You’re so funny!”


My Whippet Is Also A Lap Dog, But Has No Respect For Personal Space

#47 “Oh snap!”



Crap, We’ve Been Caught

48 ” Do as I say or else he’s gonna pay!”

Credits: Boxercrazy

Personal Space With A Boxer? I Don’t Think So

#49 “You have a seat and i have seat… Toss personal space in the trash.”

Credits: thatguyoscar

What Is Personal Space?

#50 “So Rude. No Concept Of Personal Space.”


These dogs with no idea about personal space got us laughing our as*es off! They can get super clingy sometimes. Let us know in the comments below if you can relate. Don’t forget to share with other doggy mom/dads for a good laugh.


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