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16 Pics That Will Definitely Make You Look Twice To Understand What’s Really Going On

Reality can be very different from our perception of it.

Our eyes are one of the most organs we have. We see through them, and we make decisions, develop perceptions, and finalize decisions based on what we see using our eyes. So vision is crucial to everything we do. People who have a 20/20 vision can actually see quite afar and that too pretty clearly. But even people with such a healthy vision can be blinded. There can exist some situations or you may look at some pictures that look like one thing when you first take a look at it, and something completely different when give it a deeper examination. I am sure you guys must’ve seen that picture where about 20 faces are hiding in plain sight in a picture of a tree. That is exactly what I am talking about today.


Today we will be enjoying and trying to decipher some pictures that will play with our visual perception.

Scroll down below to enjoy and let us know how many of these did you manage to understand,

1. What seems to look like a 3D map of a treasure is actually a splash of spilled coffee that dried overnight.

Via romero3500 / Reddit

2. It does look like the woman is part human, part dog. But the dog’s face is hidden behind the woman’s body.


Via mepfeiff / Reddit

3. About to strike that face. No, not what you think.


Via honeybadgershatebees / Reddit

4. Those have to be two cars. There is no other way.


Via callmeskips / Reddit

5. “Who left this metal pipe in the walk-in?”


Via spry_dye / Reddit

6. I am confused beyond belief. Surely that is not a 2-headed dog.


Via Czarcasm91 / Reddit

7. There is a baby chilling on his father’s lap.


Via Theskinilivein / Reddit

8. That bald head is smiling at us all.


Via toobrokeforsushi / Reddit

Wow, people with healthy eyesight are struggling to decipher these pictures. Imagine how a person like me who can only see from one eye would be doing. Absolutely terrible. These pictures are definitely playing with the head. We might need some paracetamol after this session.

Till then let’s do a deep analysis of some more pictures to understand what’s really happening.

9. The third wing is camouflaged into the roof.


Via IsraelZulu / Reddit

10. There’s a half-human using a full phone.


Via MrsTaco18 / Reddit

11. “Just dobermans being dobermans…”

Via Lordflump / Reddit

12. Perfect face swap thanks to the reflection.


Via D*ilsKlaw / Reddit

13. That’s just a toy in front of the dog’s mouth and not a good who ate someone alive.

Via Dresnandez / Reddit

14. “2 lovers sharing a kiss”


Via s*pidtrashcan / Reddit

15. This is a real picture taken from a real camera 12 years ago. It looks so fake to the eye.

Via WanderingIdiocy / Reddit

16. Does the pilot know where he is going?


Via longsanks / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. How many pictures did you manage to crack? These were some really cool images and a fun exercise overall, don’t you guys think? For once, I got to use my brain for something productive.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more confusing ruddles like this one.


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