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19 Images That Prove Life Is Amazing With Two Cats

The more, the merrier!

Once you start adopting cats, there is no end to it. Cats are mostly perceived as independent creatures. They do whatever they like and they never listen to anyone. The only thing they need from their humans is food and cleaning their litter box. The rest of the day, the cats are on their own. They will find ways to entertain themselves or make themselves comfortable in places to sleep. However, no cat should live completely alone. Sometimes their human is not around to play with them and keep them company. This is where a second cat comes in! Yes, it does mean having more responsibility on your hands as you will have to pay double for their food and vaccinations etc but trust me when I say it is worth it. Your cat will never feel lonely once the second cat comes in. It might take a few days for your first cat to adjust to their new sibling, but with time they will become the best of friends. Cats bond really well and they always look out for each other.


Once the second cat settles in, you will see them play around all the time. They will run through the entire house causing chaos, fight with each other and then cuddle and sleep together when they are tired of playing around. It is surely a very wholesome sight. Every cat needs a furry best friend. If one cat can bring so much joy in your life, imagine how much joy two cats could bring. I mean, double the fun, right? It might seem like a lot of work but it isn’t. Your time schedule for feeding the cats will stay the same as before and if one of the cats is asleep, you will always have the other to keep you company. Scroll down below to see some pictures that prove life is amazing with two cats.

1. That almost looks like a human hand. The black cat has no idea what’s coming.

© bugb34r/reddit

2. “Ladybug in the bathroom?! Hunting mode activated!”


© n00se3003/reddit

3. When you love your sibling so much, even your tails make hearts.


© urbiggestfan8/reddit

4. “I got a little boy for my big boy to have a friend to love and play with, but my big boy is a sissy and would prefer to be left alone.”


© maali74/reddit

5. This cat’s selfie game is so much stronger than mine.


© abstractreal11/reddit

6. “Tried to capture a moment of friendship and peace.”


© Unknown/reddit

7. Look at this 3-pound kitty’s big stretch.


© unknown/reddit

8. Keeping an eye on the neighbours together.


© meowzersparkles/reddit

9. “Told them a funny joke, my cats have a sense of humor.”


© mtlclown/reddit

2 years back, I adopted a kitten that was abandoned in a park. I was more of a dog person but the kitten made me fall in love with cats. Fast forward two years, I now own 5 cats. Well, it’s more like they own me instead. There is never a boring day in the house. My life has become so much better ever since I welcomed these fur babies in my life. It will always be the best decision of my life.

Scroll down for more photos.

10. “Couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I checked the bathroom closet.”


© jjmayes00/reddit

11. When you fall asleep while cuddling but then feel hot after a while.

© stevepaing/reddit

12. How do people get their cats to pose like this? Mine don’t even sit straight.


© AjKaramba/imgur

13. Look at the alignment of their tails.

© xsmallwondersx/reddit

14. “Adopted a kitten, it seems he’s fitting in just fine. Or maybe a little too well.”


© skypiehi26/reddit

15. Nothing to see here. Just a pair of cats licking a glass door. There must be something yummy on the other side.

© v78/reddit

16. Here comes John Cena!


© ParrotBruh/reddit

17. Cats are liquid.

© somegaykidd___/reddit

18. Cats really do not have a sense of personal space.


© penguin_yuie/reddit

19. The vet’s clinic can be a scary place.

© drenniks/reddit

How many cats do you have? Would you like to adopt two or more cats? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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