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40 Pictures Of Spoiled Kitties Who Live A Better Life Than Most Of Us (New Pics)

Cats deserve the best in life.

And they know that fact fully. So when we give them everything, it reaffirms to them that they are better than us, which they are if the following pictures are anything to go by. Because today we have compiled some of the most adorable pictures of cats being spoiled to no end by their human butlers. From getting their own outdoor houses to resting in a hammock made especially for them, we have nothing on them. 


Honestly, I would love to be a cat if I was treated with such luxury and not having to bear any responsibility. Not only that, but these cats also get the best grooming sessions as well so they are always ready for a catwalk on the stage. While cats may like to sit in boxes, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the expensive things you buy them. They just get bored of things very quickly just as human babies do. 

You can take a look for yourself at some spoiled cats by scrolling below. 

#1 When you both have birthdays in the same week.

Via HelpfulPhotograph185

#2 When you want to look out the window but can’t reach it.

Via soup_sammich_

#3 These kitties want to go on walks every day without actually having to do any work.

Via mooboomooM

#4 Even cats need to have some sort of entertainment.

Via liz_buckley

#5 This kitty wanted to look at all her peons from above.

Via wolfie_smiles

#6 He didn’t even have to play the Game of Thrones to win this seat.


#7 That is one heck of a playhouse.

Via eggsterminate

They’re not allowed to be outdoor cats, but this is the next best thing!
For everyone wondering, the reason why our cats aren’t allowed outside is because we live in an area with foxes and coyotes, so predators are a real concern.

We’re also by a semi-busy road, so cars pose a problem, too. We only set up the tent/tunnel system when we’re around and can keep an eye on things; the cats are never left out there unattended.

#8 Having a chill walk with your friends.

Via is_rotting

#9 This kitty loves being groomed by the back scratcher.

Via mlapa

#10 This hammock is the perfect size for this kitty.

Via bbjackson

#11 He won’t sleep until he is in the hoodie with his Hooman.

Via ladymistborn

#12 His bedroom looks better than mine.

Via Bry_in_the_sk

#13 His own couch so he won’t ruin all the other furniture.

Via Higlac

#14 This kitten loves sitting in her Hoomans pants so they always wear two.

Via oplunz

#15 When you are scared of water but want to go into the hot tub regardless.

Via gracejulia38

#16 She is the priority in this household.


#17 Cats are love, cats are life.

Via laurieatar

#18 Enjoying a nice spa.

Via dontstopmeowing

#19 He wants to be held like a kid.

Via annotyn

#20 These cats have their own Director chairs.

Via mxs4235

While all of these spoiled cats are adorable, be careful to not let them build bad habits. We, as humans, tend not to recognize that some of this spoiling can actually hurt the cat in the long term or the cats might not actually need some of these things. I am not asking you to buy your cats toys or such. But cats are curious creatures and they don’t have to be expensive on your wallet if you don’t have the means to do so.

#21 ‘Is this laptop charged, hooman?’

Via cuppytron

#22 This kitty will never leave you alone.

Via IsaacTowellComedy

#23 Either this is a really big cat or a very small bed.

Via julcarls

#24 Pepper knows she deserves the best.

Via JakeAndRay

#25 When you have too many cats to build them separate beds.

Via flooid

#26 ‘So where is my dinner?’

Via Dezean

#27 She always wants a cocktail.

Via madelinegemma

This cat might have a drinking problem.

#28 A perfectly made bed just for one’s cat.

#29 He will not sleep anywhere else.

Via materiamasta

#30 Blanket and pillow forts are the best.

Via uninsomnia

#31 They want to enjoy the sun without getting a tan.

Via Craigamus1

#32 The perfect Christmas gift for a cat.

Via Idgy98

#33 She only wanted to have a bath in peace.

Via jaymae77

#34 ‘My feet can’t touch the ground, hooman.’

Via No-Session9530

#35 Another kitty in the bathtub.

Via aquickcupofcoffee

#36 ‘So are you going to feed me or not?’

Via beeberon

#37 ‘A little higher.’

Via british_boondog

#38 ‘This is my spot, hooman. Go find your own.’

Via Panda_Cookie

#39 Enjoying the majestic views.

Via AlwaysLocal

#40 I am the king of this world!

Via timMANthy

Do you spoil your cat? If so, why not share how you do so in the comments below?


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