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50 Really Small Cats That Are Hard Find Once They’re Lost In Your Room

The cat life can be hard, especially when it comes to a rise in social-media fame.

Everyone has their eyes on you and is constantly waiting for the next cute thing. No pressure. This subreddit titled Illegally Smol Cats has 391,000 members who love to share comments and posts about their tiny cats because of how truly adorable they are! The tiny paws, eyes, and tails are given an outpouring of love from the community and we are here for it!


These cats should be issued an arrest warrant for the damage they do to our fragile hearts. The cuteness oozing from each one of these pictures is enough to make stone-hearted serial killers cry out in a series of ‘Aww!’s. These cattos could be doing anything, from sleeping to curling up in a ball and the internet would break because of the high levels of cute.

You can thank us later for bringing you this compilation of the cutest kitty cats at their very tiniest. You will love every single picture more than the last, and that’s a guarantee! So let’s get started for some illegally adorable content that you will simply never be able to get enough of! Without further ado, let’s get scrolling.

1. Trying to be menacing but it just won’t work

via willowwrenwild

“There’s a dead kitty next to me hooman, do something!”

2. An angry smol critter

via mandaeffect

3. A cat or a ping pong ball?

via kristioppa

4. So small, he’ll fit literally anywhere

via britneydiane

5. That birthday hat melts my heart

via sfogliatele

“How do I eat this thing?”

6. Perfect trio

via killerbunnyfamily

7. A little sapling

via BunnyBunBunHoney

8. Guess you can’t go to the toilet now

via bigabigabigabiga

9. He needs his space!

via tamikills

10. A heartbreaker

via Anam_Cara

“You won’t ever leave me, right?”

11. Hacking his way to our heart

via deadchi

12. A true fuzzball

via SqueezeBunny

13. Can’t believe a sneeze caused all this commotion

via /Beaver1BeaverAll
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14. “Honey, you left a pair of your socks on the bed. Oh, wait…”

via mountainoat

15. The perfect four

via AwwCatsDotCom

Can’t decide which one is the cutest.

16. Those eyes slay my heart


17. Trying to run away from home

via cualcrees

18. He isn’t talking to us


19. Favourite cuddle spot

via YoloForJesusHChrist

20. My new shoes

via JP20021

“Take us on a ride, hooman! Come on!”

21. Warm mattress for those cold nights

via whoooomst

22. Bring your cat to work day

via ceelodan

23. A prairie cat

via Briquetto

24. Mini-me

via goddamnimtrash

25. A catto or a loaf of freshly baked bread?

via younghulk46

It isn’t easy being small, especially when you’re tiny and adorable at the same time. It can even be a crime when you’re this cute and tiny. We love our cat friends and it’s insanely cute to see them in a miniature size on this subreddit, and that is almost a treat to watch. We loved going through the subreddit and curating pics of tiny furballs for you guys, and we are 100% sure that you yourself are enjoying it immensely. There’s even better news, we have more gems for you, so keep scrolling and treat yourself to the pictures of some of the tiniest but cutest felines ever captured on camera.

Wouldn’t it be an absolutely amazing experience to have these kittens as pets? Especially since all of them have big personalities behind a tiny appearance, and we can assure you, that’s not up for debate. So keep scrolling and maybe you’ll find some inspiration to get one of these tiny furballs as your next pet, and if not, you can’t complain going over a list that’s this cute!

26. Just silently observing

via m_harvey003

27. How does this contraption work?

via isawken

28. Lost Jolene in the kitchen

via so-this-is-college

“Hey, I’m down here! Hooooman!!!”

29. Wake me up when quarantine is over

via CatFeeds

30. He truly does fit anywhere

via iwhattheduck

Nope, it’s not fake.

31. The tiniest sofa cushion

via Sherlockhomey

32. I carry him around everywhere like this

via kai-ote

Okay… that just hit us right in the feels!

33. Better gift than a new phone

via crowmami

34. Perfect fit!

via Failuresandwich

35. Visit to the vet

via lumidaye

“I’m too sleepy, let’s just go home, please?”

36. Is this a dream?

via AwwCatsDotCom

37. My ride or die

via ceelodan

“I was just wondering, how do you even drive this huge thing, hooman?”

38. Discovering his paws for the first time

via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

39. Can’t believe these floofs were once tiny!


40. Where’s the rest of the baby catto?

via iliaspro

“Help me hooman, I’m stuck in here!”

41. Makeshift hammock

via ATJWen

42. I need this!

via spinsewz

43. Those ears though!

via razzor6922

44. Stuffed toy or kitty?


45. Cat or wet blanket?

via liefieblue

Gosh, look at those mesmerizing eyes!

46. How do cats contort like that?

via landamiaw

47. I feel like I’m being watched…

via killerbunnyfamily

48. Can never let him grow up!

via dom_bul

49. Trying to make it up to him!

via RobLjung

50. Those paws have melted my heart

via Acyke

“Why am I so smol?”

And finally, we’re at the end of our list, we hope you had a great time going over the pictures of these tiny munchkins that we had curated for you, it was an absolute delight to share this wonderful part of the world with you. This subreddit is a great gift for humanity, seeing these tiny furballs in their comfortable habitat is an absolute treat. The tinier they are, the better. These cats have completely chained and claimed our hearts and are the equivalent of toddlers in the cat world!

They do anything and we’re gone, honestly, the power that they wield is totally unfair. A human heart can only take so much. They have such adorable little tantrums, personalities, and quirks that it’s hard to even move on to the next photo! And I know it was hard to go through the list and not stop at every picture and let out a big “aww”, but we’re glad you were able to pull through. There’s more cuteness coming your way, so stay tuned, and let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below!


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