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19 Times We Got A Good Laugh At The Pranks From Nature

Get ready to be awestruck by nature’s pranks and surprises!

The world is full of unexpected surprises and twists. Every day you get a new surprise, whether it’s from your friends and family on your birthday or on a special occasion, or maybe you come across something unexpected in nature while walking around. It seems that nature never fails to astound us with its magnificent creations and great and unique surroundings. For example, you might notice that your dogs have grown to be larger than you, that your pets have grown a heart-shaped marking on their skin, or that the sun’s shadow has made an unusual pattern on your door.

Anyhow, simply turn around and take note of the things that are so unusual and bizarre that you have never previously noticed. You will be amazed at how strange and full of surprises this world is, and how many mysteries there are for you to discover.

C’mon, let’s check out what surprises we are talking about. Keep scrolling down to have a peek at some of the beautifully unique surprises and pranks from nature!

1. From a tiny puppy to a gigantic monster!

Via  emilyginger / reddit

“8 weeks vs 1 year with our Great Pyrenees puppy! She grew up way too fast.”

2. A lovely rose for Valentine’s Day!

Via  peanutpaddle / reddit

“This rose has a heart-shaped birthmark on it.”

3. “Excuse me, Misster, but could you just swap your card?”

Via CyrexPH / reddit

“I think he’s been checking people’s cards on the subway all day. I hope they’re paying well.”

4. Hey, that’s a natural frisbee.

Via gouda33 / reddit

“Wind blew the layer of ice off the top of the table and it froze this way.”

5. Mother Nature can do wonders.

Via © SamtheMan898 / reddit

“The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today.”

6. This snow tree looks like marshmallows.

Via TheStoneMask / reddit

“How the snow stuck to this tree after a blizzard”

7. This sap has the texture of crystal.

Via MauiKehaulani / reddit

“Beautiful sap formation from a cashew tree”

8. What…do these ducks have hair???

Via bin*sfan1337 / reddit

“This duck with hair I found”

Oh gosh! these signs and surprises are surely God’s pranks. Things we never expected to see and how they emerge in front of our eyes are just so astonishing. Nature knows how to play smart and make us laugh. We never imagined that single ice on the table could be transformed into a natural frisbee, or that a rock could have some mysterious codes written on it.

Anyways, keep scrolling down for some more images that will make you laugh and surprise at the same time!

9. iPhone vs sand is the worst idea ever!

Via blugogi / reddit

“My iPhone collected iron sand at the beach.”

10. You got the power of the sun, man!

Via johnnyphotog / reddit

“The sun’s reflection on the inside of my ring”

11. When life finds a way…

Via ilyadabrown / reddit

“A lost and forgotten tomato seed is growing out of my kitchen’s sink hole.”

12. These birds know where they can live in peace.

Via  xThroughTheGrayx / reddit

“These birds built a nest in the pet hospital sign.”

13. The mysterious rock!

Via UrsaBarefoot / reddit

“A rock with a lock combination printed in it”

14. Is that a block of gun-shaped ice? Whatever it’s N-ice!

Via JacketWithStock / reddit

“This came out of a refrigerator.”

15. Is this curtain perfect here, sir?

Via Hermi1979 / reddit

“Now this mouse is a new employee at our office.”

16. Simply amazing! But how do you water these plants?

Via zeke2212 / reddit

“I visited my great-grandma, and the house is so old, plants started to grow through the wall.”

17. It appears that this stick from the Harry Potter series is used to cast a spell.

Via mischarippon / reddit

“This stick that looks like the Elder Wand”

18. It’s weird to see a fish with some dental problems.

Via clshifter / reddit

“This orthodontist office has a fish that looks like a potential patient.”

19. Looks like someone is tired of jumping all day.

Via Snarblox / reddit

“There was a green tree frog resting on the door handle at the hospital I work at.”

Have you ever shot something as incredible as these images? If so, please share the photographs with us in the comments section below.


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