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16 People Who Crossed All The Limits Of Entitlement

Entitled people think everything they do is right and reasonable.

Entitled people are everywhere and they are the ones that make life worse for others. Is not it unfair that an entitled boss would make their employees’ life miserable? A Karen would demand a trip for free, a man would ask for a discount on muffins and a client would complain about the smell of donuts in the air. These people do not make any sense but they would create a drama wherever they would go and make it hard not only for themselves but for others as well, but guess what? People are not taking their shit anymore. Today, we have compiled some of the best examples of entitled people who are making life worse for everybody. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. I want expensive, high-quality sodas for free.

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2. Who is going to sponsor his/her trip to South Korea for free?


3. A dog sitter is needed and the salary is: Amenities lol.


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4. Where are all the serious people? A serious job is looking for you guys.


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5. When you are a customer and you are expecting the furniture store to help you move your bed after two years of getting it.


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6. Someone is looking for a cat sitter for six weeks and one week costs just $250. How cheap, right?


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7. When you are an IG model and looking for someone to collab with you so that you can get a free photoshoot:


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This is the reality of the so-called Instagram models. They want clothes, food, photoshoots and even trips for free. Are you guys kidding us?

8. This is why fresh graduates do not find employment upon graduating.


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If you are motivated in life, feel free to apply and work for his company for free and do not get paid. This world is never getting short of entitled people, they would never change. How this person who wants the fresh graduates to work for him for free is not realizing that he is not paying them and nobody is free but he thinks, he will teach the skills. Seriously bro? We didn’t pay for years in the universities to work for free.

9. When stupid customers have nothing to complain about:


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10. A Military husband comes home after 10 years and meets his pregnant wife. Congratulations, man.


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11. Customer demanding a price reduction because he is late picking up her daughter:

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12. Big changes are on the way. Everyone, get ready for results.


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13. Why do people always expect the employees to be nice and why do not the customer be nice?

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14. The worst yelper ever!


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15. When the food will take 15 minutes and the customer wouldn’t wait:

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16. The customer is not happy with the smoothie:


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Have you ever met an entitled person in your life? If yes, comment down and share your experience.


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