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19 Ordinary Photos That Don’t Seem Special Until You Read The Stories Behind Them

Considering the average person spends 4.8 hours a day on their smartphone, there is a good probability that they will come across an image and simply scroll past it. However, there are some photographs that, no matter how innocuous they appear, have a deeper significance behind their creation. If you have missed anything like that, do not worry, we have compiled an extensive list of photographs that, no matter how simple they appear, have a compelling narrative to tell.


From a picture of a staircase that looks completely normal, a jar of threads to a picture of an orange that is 35 years old! Now go on, scroll and read the most fascinating tales of these normal-looking photographs!

1. WOW! This is made on snow! And that dot is indeed a person!

via © -KeyLime- / Reddit

Made this today. The black dot on the stem is me.”

2. This is heart-wrenching!

via © snarknado / Reddit

“Our dog is very old and this is how she eats food from her bowl. And it’s because she can’t see with her right eye.”

3. Nature always finds a way.

via © ctrpt / Reddit

“7 years ago, this boulder by my house was in one piece, and it had a small sapling growing out of some shallow dirt on top.”

4. Soy sauce will never look the same.

via © Nemisii / Reddit

“These huge salt crystals grew in the soy sauce packet of my noodles. The pack was sitting undisturbed for more than 6 months. The one on the left is about 8 mm long.”

5. Now there are two different sets of plates!

via  WisdomDistiller / Reddit

“A pair of identical plates — one was used and washed several times a week in a dishwasher for over a decade, and the other was used only occasionally”

6. Maybe the tree had an eyesight problem!

via © Eclipex7 / Reddit

“Found a pair of glasses ingrained with a tree while cutting wood.”

7. Poor Beaver!

via © ShintoSunrise / Reddit

“These are the front incisors of a beaver.”

8. Woah! Those are some strong roots!

via © My***BleedsForYou / Reddit

Me and this uprooted tree, I’m 6’2”.”

9. This sounds painful.

via © Reckless_Waifu / Reddit

“This snail with a cracked shell who mistook the crack for the aperture and now crawls around like that.”

10. “For over 50 years”! That is just beautiful!

via © RukaFawkes / Reddit

“My grandpa’s wedding ring — he never took it off for over 50 years until the day he died.”

11. Those little marks should never be covered!

via © Avoideris / Reddit

“My dog has run down the stairs so many times it’s left marks.”

12. What! This should be kept in a museum!

via © Headfirstforhaloss / Reddit

“My grandma packed my grandpa an orange in his lunch, he forgot to eat it, and now it is 35 years old. It’s completely hollow and is basically indestructible.”

13. Sometimes simple things can look magnificent!

via © Technotronsky / Reddit

“The sand dispersed on this new bike lane makes it look as though the sun is shining.”

14. That looks like a haunted swing!

via © Aukrust / Reddit

“This random swing in the middle of a field.”

15. This is a unique idea.

via © Lacy05ag / Reddit

“I’ve been collecting the ends of my embroidery thread and placing them in this jar for about 5 years now.”

16. An old baby tombstone. This is harrowing.

via © Tub-a-guts / Reddit

“This is an old tombstone.”

17. This is a bit creepy!

via © pandamiba / Reddit

“While on a morning walk 2 years ago, I saw a rain-soaked photo album in a box on the side of the road. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it. Every single page was completely filled with selfies of the same woman in roughly the same pose.”

18. This picture should have a time-lapse!

via © cheekleaks / Reddit

“The way this soda bled through a foam cup in the cold.”

19. This is just weird!

via © elmo_is_watching_ya / Reddit

“24 years of used soap at my grandparents’ house. This is just one of the bathrooms.”

Some of these captions must have made you go WOW! As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Do you have any pictures that appear to be normal but are indeed really interesting? If so, don’t forget to share with us!


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