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50 Precious Before And After Pictures Of Dogs Growing Up

Everyone remembers the day they brought their beloved doggos home. Those small little babies, which weighed so little that you could carry them all day. Then you watched them every day grow up little by little and then turn into a big dog that couldn’t be carried. How that little puppy would fit into your arms but a few months later they grew up into handsome dogs and it got really difficult to hold them in your arms now.


You have felt that, right? If yes, then you’re not alone my friend. All the dog owners have felt this way. Watching your cute little puppy grow into a huge charming dog. The only thing that didn’t change is their loyalty and their love for you. That remained constant throughout.

In this article, we have added all those beautiful before and after dog moments that their owners captured beautifully in the form of pictures. Scroll down and see how splendidly all these doggos have grown!

1. It is nearly impossible to believe that this big boy was once so small!


It is so cute the way his owner is holding him in his arms!

2. This picture is a depiction of true friends!



They both look too adorable in the second picture cuddling!

3. His angry expression is one thing that did not change over time!


Once an angry pup, always an angry pup (just bigger in size now)

4. A little pup that grew up to be a massive woofer!!



This is such a big dog, even then the owners let him play in his lap.

5. “Buddy you were little back then, now you are just squishing me”



Dogo’s comfortable sleeping pattern has not changed over time.

6. That is how six months can transform you!



The cuteness didn’t fade away, it actually grew cuter!

7. Dad loved his little baby when he was little, and now that he has grown, he loves his baby a lot more!



8. The adorable little baby is now all grown up into a charming fella!



“Lovely old baby, she/he looks so loved up.”- criminalgirl

9.  Looks like this dog has been fed really well in 4 months.



This munchkin looks a really happy adult dogo!

10. Look who doesn’t fit in its bed anymore!!



This baby has grown and now the bed is too smoll for him. Come on hooman get this big boy a new bed!

11. He got him when he was 12 years old, now he is 26 and they are celebrating dogo’s 15th birthday!!! ISN’T THIS REALLY AMAZING?


“Sweet mother of god she’s smiling!” – Lazy panda

12.  Seems as if the toy grew smaller in size!!



Dogo really loves this toy wholeheartedly!

13. “Am I still as cute as I used to be?”


14. Daddy is proud of his lil dogo who is not so lil anymore!!



Smiles and giggles as they celebrate dogo’s first birthday!

Loving these pictures? Well, you should be feeling lucky as we have more for you. Scroll down and see!

15. “Ughh it is so sad that I don’t under the chest of drawers anymore”


Growing up is sometimes really difficult, as it gets difficult to hide in small places.

16. I can still lay down like this with my paws in front and my ears can catch radio signals!



Is it just me or this grownup dogo looks like a kangaroo!

17. Two little snowballs have transformed into giant snowmen!


18.  Can you see the dogo’s smile edging it way in?



They both look equally happy in the last picture!

19. Little nugget will always be daddy’s little nugget no matter how much it grows in size!


20. He wants to be carried and if you deny, you will face dogo’s wrath!



Doggo surely knows how to make people do things according to his way.

21. Dogo resembles a cute little stuffed toy!


“Oh my GOSH! What kind of pupper is that?” – Allie Orona

22. They literally grew up together! 2 cute babies into 2 stunning looking adults!



23. To be honest its ears are the only thing that grew


Haha also his clothes still fit him.

24. One pupper stopped growing and the other looks like this 10 months later…


25. What has he been feeding to Jub Jub, they both of the same size now (I think Jub Jub is bigger)


“OMG Jub Jub!” – Charleen Crawford

We hope you are enjoying all these pictures! We have more for you, scroll down and see!

26. It feels good when somethings remain the same.

Browsing together!

27. The day she got him from the shelter vs 1 year later!



28. His favourite spot remained the same over months.


“Favourite spots stay favourite spots…”- Hans

29. Pablo kept his favourite toys with him and didn’t lose them! Wow, Pablo is a really good boy.


30. Her face shows how lucky she feels to have an adorable pup like him!


True love never dies.

31. “Look I can still fit under the chair!!!”


3 years ago pup didn’t like being under the chair. Now it’s feeling about the chair have changed.

32. He still loves playing in the garden!!



“Utterly gorgeous dog.” – Merty Robinson

33. Over time the doggo turned into a giant wolf!


34. Same pose, different time!


He knows he can pull off that pose at every stage in life.

35. The baby boy turned one but still wants to be held in the same way.



36. Bunny or a puppy?


37. Never thought 1 year could make such a massive difference!


Dogo has gained confidence and is now a happier pup!

38. Eyes are still not visible, but the cuteness remains intact!


“What an adorable dog” – Caitlyn McCracken

Scroll down to see more of these before and after pictures!

39. Luna has grown so much in the span of 10 weeks.


Also now she knows that she has to look in the camera when her picture is being taken.

40. So damn floofy!!! It would be so much fun to cuddle with this bubba!

Jooske Van De Graaf

41. This gorgeous girl passed away at the age of 17 years! After all these years her charm didn’t fade.


42. “Raise me higher hoomann, what do you mean I have gained weight?”


His mom has difficulty in raising him as high as she did when he was little. Now he is upset about it.

43. The boy is scared to take before and after pictures. Looks like he is not comfortable in being held the same way.


Come on dogo, don’t be scared. You momma will still keep you safe!

44. He still loves to sit under the table. Month 3 vs month 7.



45. The bubba looks so excited in the first picture!

“ah…love those over excited eyes in 5 months Atlas’ face” – incognito82

46. Still standing as tall as he did before!


47. The passenger seat has been reserved for him since day 1!



He hates it if someone tries to take his seat. He knows it’s his place and no one else can take it away from him

48. So done with his pictures being taken every second.


“Human, quit hovering wiv that camera, puparazzi…” – Lisa Marie

49. This puppy has such an attractive face, it will always remain mama’s little baby!

50. This dogo was never small, even his baby picture makes him look big!


He looks so done with his owner. Yet he knows how much he loves him and can’t spend a day without seeing each other!

I hope you guys were awed after seeing these amazing transformation images, I was too! Do you have any favourites among these pictures? If yes then let us know in the comments section below!


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