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Cat lovers! What’s the situation today? I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve been chasing the dream by getting up early and staying up late. It turns out that pursuing your dreams can be quite exhausting! However, we always have our cats to turn to for inspiration and cuteness. We anticipate consuming another cappuccino in the not too distant future, but one thing at a time. We typically begin each day with a shot of espresso and a quick pet for the kitties, and today is no exception. A few morning kitty pats can make a big difference.

Defused is all about reclaiming the term “cat lady” and expanding its definition to encompass a wide range of cat-loving people! Who said “cat ladies” have to be depressed old women surrounded by felines? That’s not us, I assure you. We take pride in being hip, successful, and cat lovers. Let’s continue this feline momentum until Caturday!

1. I don’t think it’s a food coma but something else 

Furniture - How I found my cat when I got home. Turns out she got into her treats and was in a food coma

That cat is one full and exhausted feline. He’s nearly finished all the sweets, and he’s eager to join his bear companions in hibernation.

Via catcurioonline

2. How supportive of this cat 

Joint - I sprained my ankle, so my cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity

For us, it’s solidarity. The emotional and mental health of their owners can actually be sensed by cats, at least to some extent. And this one seems to understand his human emotions extremely well. Does your cat do this too?

3. Now we know why you were named so, Mr. Kitler 

Cat - Meet my neighborhood cat which we named Kitler for obvious reasons.

4. Then vs Now 

Cat - 20 It happened.. Accident waiting to happen

5. This is the cutest little kitten I have even seen 

Skin - Will you pick me up.. pretty please

6. Better think twice before buying anything when you have cats in your house 

Vertebrate - Buying Japanese "shoji" doors was not a good idea...

7. That’s my cat

Plant - Cat returns with sausage stolen from unknown neighbor's bbq...

8. But his face says as if he hasn’t gotten his first 

Cat - He wants third breakfast.

9. Why would you be mad at this, catto?

Cat - he's mad because i won't let him eat dirt

10. She’s definitely jealous of his new sibling

Hand - My cat when she found out I adopt a puppy

11. These two are always up to something, and I can’t stop laughing at the caption

Dog - And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the rider's name was death

12. Now you better know

Food - Every wondered what those holes in pizza boxes are for?

13. Beware of this gang, they can come and ruin your life by their cuteness

Tire - Biker gang terrorises local residents

14. I would love to want that dollar bill

Cat - Today I went into my husbands wallet for some money and all I found was this zillion dollar bill with my cat's face on it. This man really thinks he's funny $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 THE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA ZILLION ZIDERON THHE NOTEIS or UALTEE ALL OENTS PUID AND PR E 31491458 D WANHINTONTAC MOUSE FAN E 31491458 D ZIREON (ZILLION FOKER ZLLION DOLLARS OMAE 5 5

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