Engineering Professor Got A Brilliant Pro Revenge On His Truck Owner Who Vandalized His Mailbox

Humans are senseless and ruthless.

There are way too many examples to prove this. You just don’t know what us moody creatures are gonna do the very next moment. Notice how a person, who’s about to smack another individual in a bar, will always smirk before punching. It’s that sense of superiority that people give off in hopes to look a coolio, but it all forms up into making them look so stupid and super dumb. I wish these people could see themselves in the mirrors when they are about to commit a ruthless act. I mean yeah sure they would definitely see a very strong person who thinks he or she can do anything within or outside their power, but in reality, all they are looking at is a coward hiding behind their ego. Such people can exist in every age group. Egos don’t have criteria. They just form inside us and it is our job to control it, but some absolutely fail and hence their egos take over. As a result, such things happen.

And it’s not just humans that they like to pick a bone with, it’s everything that you can imagine. These ruthless people who definitely have no senses go out of their way to vandalize strangers’ property as well. It is a huge crime and these people really don’t understand the consequences that they might have to face. But it is solely their egos that keep them committed to all this pathetic stuff and all I can say is may Lord be with you.

Today, I’ve got a rather amusing story that does start with a dumb person vandalizing a mailbox. These poor mailboxes have to suffer a lot. Poor guys see so much and try their best to stand strong through the tough sunny and cold days. Need to dedicate an entire post for them. Will do that someday. Fortunately, we’ve got a decent number of engineers in our world. As a perfect revenge arc, this one engineering professor called upon his engineering students (or kings) to form a superhero mailbox, applying their expertise and skills to a great cause. The professor decided to offer extra credit to any group of students that came up with a truck-proof mailbox, as an incentive to work.  And they were so down.

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1. First of all mate, I am really sorry for your loss. We’ve all got limited time in this world so it is always a better option to spend it laughing, smiling, doing good, and building respect in other people’s hearts.


Always ready for a laugh.

2. $20 to create a truck-proof mailbox (a really good budget back in the days), and with extra credit up for grabs, the students were highly motivated to achieve this feat.


Sure, the extra credit was a really got incentive, but for a student, it is always about problem-solving, the experience, and the learning process

3. Dad and Uncle Dale cemented both the mailbox and their presence. And the finishing touch was a great idea, as well.

They did all of that with our everyday items.


Where do I find ‘Dad’ because I want him to make one for me as well. What a great idea and that too executed so quickly. Nothing too fancy, nor any extra effort put in. Just some rocks, concrete, rebars, and they wait for results. Great minds.

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4. And it worked! It is unfortunate how the professor had to go out of the way to teach a lesson to a vandaliser who obviously went out of his way to beat up the professor’s mailbox.


5. Ouch and Wow at the same time. Ouch for the vandaliser’s shoulder and how the lawyer shut him up. And wow for the mailbox for finally getting it’s revenge.


Wow, what a pro revenge story. We need more great minds like Dad and Uncle Dale. Rest in peace Uncle Dale. I am sure, you’re proud of how many great engineers this world is producing We need more minds like these.

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