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30 Transformation Photos Of Puppies Growing Up To Big Dogs Next To Their Humans

All you ever wanted was a cute little puppy. It’s your 12th birthday and your parents finally got you one. There is a million-dollar smile on your face. Your Mom and Dad stand in the doorway and watch you play with your new buddy, excited and glowing. You and your new friend look at each other, your eyes shine and slightly shift color. You both make a promise to always stick around. With the passing years, your bond only grows stronger and nothing can bend or break it. Today, after 12 years, you hold your four-legged furry buddy and give him a big warm hug. He’s a senior now. Triple the size in the picture of your first day together. Your eyes still shine and the love grows.


Looking at old photos of you and your dog brings back a lot of memories and sentiments. 30 people share now and then photos of themselves and their dogs that will leave you in awe. Take a look!

Before and after deployment and he’s all grown up. Bamboozled!

Credits: unwastedyouth

They may all have grown up but snuggles are constant.


Credits:Mr. Wong

Dad takes photos with daughter, cat and his dog every year for 10 years and it’s so sweet.

Sharing the bond that only got stronger with time over 20 years.


Credits: A_Magical_Potato

Then 6 weeks old, now 6 months old.



14 years later.


Credits: gorillastyle808

Dogs grow up fast. You’ve probably heard phrases like, “ageing like a dog,” or “in dog years” and wondered why we say things like that? Well, that’s because one year for them is equal to 7 years for us. Dogs have an average life span of 10 to 13 years. For us, they leave behind memories of a lifetime to cherish.

“Woof! I’m the boss! Woof!”


credits: ruiluipara2017

This one has outgrown its human.


Credits: freeyorker

From 8 weeks to 8 months, still mommy’s little boy.


Credits:Alex Dennison

On this day, 12 years ago. Now and then.


Credits: Noromac

He’s a big boy! 12 weeks apart.


Credits: chrisgin

They both smile the same, even after 11 years.

Credits: cloudpad_app

Keeping their promise. Growing up together. *Happy tears*


Credits: Niwolita

From kindergarten to senior year portrait, Lucky and his owner have transformed a lot.

Credits: -Gossdaddy-

Veterinarian shares a lovely now and then picture with a dog he’s been taking care of for 15 years.


Credits: Mouse_fighter

From 3 to 12 months, the owner takes photos with his little girl with every 3-month gap.

Credits: oosoccerfreak

From 3 months to 6 months they enjoy cuddles and nap time together.


credits: anudeep30

Winston enjoys car rides with Mummy!

Credits: great_dane_winchester

“8 Weeks To 5 Months! The Same Mummy And The Same Car, Just Slightly Bigger Winston”

Still matching even 2 years later.



Love to curl up, 14 years later.

Credits: Gelfling1994

“14 Years Later And We’re Still Inseparable Even Though I’m A Grown Up And He’s Slowing Down”

9 Months of transformation.


Credits: Hghgrad

“Puppy Progression. Golden Doodle Puppy To Brown Bear 9 Months”

We grow up together.

Credits: haksimoto

9 Months and Fluffy!


Credits: keveridge

“Puppy Grows Into Small Horse In 9 Months”

6 years and strong!

Credits: skwormin

“My Little Bro And Eli The Poodle, On His First And Last Day Of National Guard. 6 Years Apart”

They’re goals!

Credits: ModestMoose2

Puppy Kisses!

Credits: ModestMoose2

Same pose 10 years later.


Credits: Brennale92

“My Little Brother And His Dog Domino 10 Years Apart”

Whoa! Look at the size of this doggo.


Credits: alTHORber

“Here’s My Brother’s Dog, Moose The Pyrenees, On The Day That I Brought Him Home And Then A Year Later. I’m 6’4″ For Scale”

Jab Jub is a happy doggo!

Credits: Itchy_Craphole

14 years and kisses remain constant.



Sigurd is 1 year old! Who’s a big boy?

Credits: thesecondparallel

Enjoyed much? We loved these photos. Got Before and after pictures of your doggo? Share them with us. We would love to see them!


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