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18 Adorable Photos That Are A Pure Source Of Joy And Giggles

Some moments are so pure that they become a source of joy for us!

Not everything can make us smile but some things are so cute, so adorable and so pure that they end up bringing a smile to our faces. Isn’t it just amazing that a little act can bring so much joy to our lives and those around us? It is just a moment that we never forget. Your baby holding your finger for the first time, your doggo signing as a witness on your wedding day, a photo with your bunny on your wedding day and the first card your daughter made for you. These are the memories that we can always remember. These are the memories that can bring a smile to our faces even in the darkest moments. Today, we have compiled 18 of the most adorable photos that are a pure source of joy and giggles. So, scroll down if you want to elevate your mood.

1. “3 baby birds in 3 different stages of sleepiness”


© apf3lsaft / Reddit

2. When he is in charge of the house:


© RHEmarketing / Reddit

3. “Happy Fottrsday! My precious daughter made this for me.”


© RedOctober13 / Reddit

Kids melt our hearts when they make cute cards for their parents.

4. He was shedding and a heart appeared right on his face:


© Jaxob1000 / Reddit

5. They are in love with each other:


© jharris117 / Reddit

6. She took the wrong way and now can’t decide what to do:


© MooneyMost / Reddit

7. When your doggo holds an important place in your life:

© mugglequeen / Reddit

“Our senior boy had a very important job on Sunday — he ‘signed’ as our witness!”

8. “Jack the sparrow arrived to me by taxi, alone, after he was left cold and alone for many hours. He’s pulling through!”


© reddy_freddy_ / Reddit

This little guy needs love and care.

9. When your hen loves watching cartoons:

© lnfinity / Reddit

What can make you smile better than animals? Animals are almost like babies and they loved getting all the love that we give to babies. Sometimes they would act cute and make us laugh with their silly and cute acts. They may get obsessed with a certain thing and refuse to leave it, they would love sitting on the couch and watching TV. It’s a blessing to have someone in your life that makes you smile every day.

10. The cat knows her happy place.


© butilheiro / Reddit

11. “I have a feeling our 7-year-old is forging his teacher’s markups… It’s just a hunch.”

© oppositelockgames / Reddit

12. “My husband has cracked the claw machine code. He won all of these in the last few weeks.”


© Miserere_Mei / Reddit

Is he winning all these soft toys for you?

13. Have you ever seen a turtle as happy as him?

© thinkwithpastels / Reddit

14. He is just 24-hours old.


© tony_spumoni / Reddit

15. Father-in-law spotted a poodle in the sky:

© BradlyL / Reddit

16. When your dog has a favorite toy and he can’t sleep without it:


© Snarkzilla / Reddit

17. You gotta dress well when it is your hooman’s wedding:

© Tyway / Reddit

“Best bun in a tiny suit at my wedding!”

18. Everything changes when your newborn holds your hand:


© jyrrr / Reddit

What brings a smile to your face? What is the source of joy for you? If you have a beautiful moment to share with us, our comment section is open for you.


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