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Best Of Cats From This Week To Make Your Caturrday Better

We’re all familiar with cat attitudes and them doing things that blow our mind. For cat owners, it is one heck of a ride from the minute they wake up to the time they go to bed… or even after they sleep. For the rest of us, we know how it is and we also know the cats can be really moody. But it’s perfectly OK. We love them regardless. But imagine what life would’ve been without them… Impossible right? Luckily for us, that’s not going to happen. Not anytime soon. Because we all love them dearly and they have successfully managed to make their way to our hearts. We cannot even fathom a life without their cuteness, sassiness, and most importantly, silliness. We may not say it, but we’re a sucker for cattitude. We don’t mind them at all. That’s because the minute they enter our lives (or just the pictures through the internet), we’re enchanted over their beauty and can’t help but ask for more.

SO are you in the mood for some funny (not to forget, cute) cat moments? That’s great! Because we just happen to have some for you. And we kid you not, these are some of the best times we found on Cats on Catnip that are impossible to not laugh at. We’re sure by the end you’d be feline fine.

1. We wish you a Merry Catmas.

To be honest, we wouldn’t mind that.

2. Ughh! My heart.


There’s a special place in our hearts for those teeth.

3. Too cute to be real.


We want you!

4. Are cats even allowed to enter?


That’s Clawsome!!!

5. Just another heated conversation…


…that we’d like to join.

6. You heard ’em right.


Or you could just gift them a cat.

7. When we say ‘Angles watching over you’…


This is what we mean.

8. The cat gets what it wants.


Nobody would mind extra loving.

9. That’s the truth.


By all means.

10. Before you even knowww


An adorable witch’s cat.

By now, you’re only starting to get in the mood and seem to like what you’re seeing. Stop for a moment and think what if we didn’t have cats. What if we didn’t know they existed? And what if we felt low and there was nothing in this worlddd that could make us feel full of love and content? Did that boggle your mind even for a single minute? If yes, then you’re right on track. Hurry up and see what else we’ve got.

11. Cat Attacc.

Ain’t nothing stopping this cat now.

12. Look at them paws


Patient or Impatient? That face has got us confused.

13. Wish we were a cat too

Would’ve never left this place.

14. *All rise for the Prince*



15. We welcome you with open arms…

As if we had a choice *haha*

16. Can somebody explain this to us?



17. This cat definitely knows he’s the star.

Can we have some behind-the-scenes too?

18. Master, teach us your ways.



Wonder what’s his favorite style, Tiger style?

19. 100% Relate.

Especially if the cake looks like this.

20. When you have to impress someone.


But this cat is beautiful either way.

Cats have never failed to make us smile, laugh, love them, or get mad at them (That seldom happens). And we’re happy to say that these cats did the same. From cutesy to humorous, these cats have got you covered. Now you don’t have to visit numerous websites to find the perfect cat memes because that’s taken care of. And you did just the right thing by holding on to this post. If you think so too, let us know!


What do you think?