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Friendly Dog ‘Potato’ Loves People So Much So Her Family Put Up A Hilarious Intro Sign For Her

The wholesome-st doggo.

Dogs are some of the most wholesome creatures on the fact of the planet Earth. They never hold back from showing their love and affection towards their humans and sometimes this love is not just confined to one person alone but to every person around them. Mostly, their comfort level with other human beings is based on how well their owners train them but once, through hard work. that comfort level is achieved, the doggo will shower its love to everyone around it.


Today we look at an immensely positive doggo who is not shy to show others its love for them, so much so that her parents gave her a sign that lets other people know how loving this little puppy is. Her name is Potato just by the way. Potato is not only loved by her family alone but by everyone in her neighbourhood too.

. “Her personality is like a door greeter at a grocery store,” Said Cee, Potatoes owner.


“We wanted to reassure people it was okay to pet her,” Cee said. “Plus, she was getting depressed from the sudden lack of attention.”

“She started barking at people she knew who normally pet her who had stopped. And we figured it would be a nice way to be connected to our neighbours and to help people feel a little less lonely during this weird time,” added Cee.

Her family really appreciates her personality and they’re trying their best to make this tiny loving doggo shine.


“I first met Potato walking with my girlfriend in our neighbourhood, with COVID my photography business was basically shut down, and she was working from home. We’d walk around looking at houses and all of the flowers and plants,” Sean said. “One day we noticed the sign and that sweet little Potato. We’ve probably gone by at least once a week since to see if Potato is out.” Added Sean, one of Cee’s neighbours.

With this, the family started figuring out that their dog is loved by their neighbourhood and they couldn’t be happier.


“People have been waiting 6 feet apart in a line on really nice days, We are thinking of getting those spacer circles for the ground on the sidewalk,”


“Sometimes people call her name in the yard while she’s indoors, and she anxiously rings her doorbell to go out because she doesn’t want to miss them. If it’s a nice day and not raining and we’re home, she’s out there all day, from 10 a.m. to sunset.”


“She prefers being with her fans over her family,” Cee said at the end.

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