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15 Purrfectly Timed Photos Of Cats Captured By Their Owners That Can Definitely Make You Smile

15 Purrfectly Timed Photos Of Cats Captured By Their Owners That Can Definitely Make You Smile

The best photo of a cat is the one that is raw and shows its real emotions.

If we ask what do you guys do when you get bored? Some of you will tell us that you watch TV and some of you might go out for a dinner or hang out with friends. But if you ask us, our answer would be: we go through images of cats. Yes, cats make us happy and whenever we get time, we go through cat photos and believe us they bring a big smile to our faces. Capturing photos of cats is not easy and not everyone can take a great photo of a cat that shows its real emotions. But, we have 15 people who know how to take the best shots of their furry felines. We have compiled 15 purrfectly timed photos of cats taken by their owners that will definitely make you smile. So, scroll down if you want to smile.


1. “Apparently the satanic spirit possessing my cat doesn’t like selfies”

Via u/Kurpool

Cat: Human, how dare you take my selfies?

2. “I had just finished saying “I can’t believe she never falls in!””


Via u/catbrains420

Aww, the poor girl fell in the water. She has not gotten fully wet but we can clearly see the fear in her eyes.

3. Someone please help the cat, she is falling off of the wall.


Via u/zudduz

4. God bless you son:


Via u/itsdave8

“My parents’ cats were finally being nice to each other, but things quickly changed when I tried to take a picture”

5. “This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window.”


Via u/distriived

We are feeling sad for OP that he lost his house to fire. Things will get better for you very soon. But the best thing is that you and your doggo are safe. Kudos to this neighbor who saved OP’s dog.

6. When a cat has mastered the art of high-five-ing:


Via u/t-readyroc

7. What a perfect photo, taken at the perfect time when they were trying to catch the ball:


Via u/sh3zza

You can never plan a purrfectly timed photo. It just happens without planning. And most of the time people have no idea that they have taken a good photo until they zoom in and see the details. We love how these kitties are flying in the air, fighting with each other and falling down.

8. We are sure the photo was not intended:


Via reddit

What a great photo it is!

9. “My cat and another rolling shutter effect”


Via u/itscalledcenturion

This photo is a work of art! We can see three cats here. The one standing in front of the window, the second on the window screen and the third one in the shadow.

10. This cat is multitasking; flying, communicating and dancing at the same time.


Via u/SuperKoz

11. When your cat steals your phone to take photos of herself:

Via u/GarfieldMonstrosity

12. Is this man trying to eat cat noodles?


Via u/screwywabbit

13. Now you know why her stockings look like this?

Advertisement by UDM

Via u/ohcarroll

14. When someone at the workplace wouldn’t shut up:


Via u/Calcd_Uncertainty

15. “Catnado”

Via u/BillTheSmallKitten

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