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Mom Hilariously Illustrates Our Quarantine Struggles With Her Amazing Disney Chalk Art

Everyone has their own problems and their own struggles, some of them really resurfaced when we were locked in our homes all day due to Covid. However, many of us found our creative sides to our personalities. Some really worked on their social media while some really polished their artistic abilities. Casey Drake is a mother of two, shes not only talented at what she does but she’s also really brilliant at entertaining her neighbors. Her drawings and sketches are not only popular among the neighbors but now have gotten recognition on the internet as well.

She paints these cartoon characters and animated movie characters that you can relate to in this quarantine. With Covid, no one could really go out and do what they wanted, so they enjoyed these depictions while they would walk. It is not only refreshing to see but also gives you a minute to appreciate the artwork. It not only makes the neighbors happy but Casey as well. “So many neighbors loved it that I kept doing new ones every day,” Drake said.

Let us dive right into it!

1. Like seriously!

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. But seriously people, stay home. .”

2. I absolutely love that movie!


“Love in the Time of Coronavirus.”

3. Dory does it!


“Always a great motto, but especially now! Just make sure you’re swimming at least 6 feet away from others. :)”

4. Inside out just makes me really happy!


“I know it’s hard to feel “Joy” -ful in times like these, but there are still a lot of things to be happy about.”

5. Well Carole!


6. Ariel knows what she’s doing!


“Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete… Also, Ariel is everyone missing a hair appointment right now. Roots for days.”

7. Just a couple more masks maybe!


“The rain cleaned my canvases for me yesterday so we have some space again! ”

8. Absolutely!


“Kuzco here to remind you to keep social distancing.”

9. Octopuses still scare me!


“Hank is here to remind you to wash your hands (or arms?) for at least 20 seconds frequently throughout the day! Stay safe out there people.”

10. It’s gonna take a long time!


“Today’s was quick because my children are chaos incarnate and it’s a million degrees outside.”

11. Rapunzel has been doing that for years!

“Today’s chalk art brought to you by Rapunzel. The queen of social distancing.”

12. Toilet paper and nothing more!


“How much toilet paper is too much? Asking for a friend.”

13. Here it goes!

“The Stages of Quarantine. Stage 1: Fear”

14. Stage 2!


Stage 2 of Quarantine: Sadness.

15. Stage 3!

Stage 3 of Quarantine: Disgust

16. Last but not the least!


“Quarantine Stage 4: Anger. Stay home, stay safe!”

Casey has not only made everyone’s day in the neighborhood but I am sure everyone loved it, just as much as I did. it is not only really creative but her talented personality shined. Her drawings are not only very good but they make everyone’s day with how amazing and relatable they are! These drawings will not only make you stop and look at them more than once but you would keep on appreciating them. These pavements really are masterpieces and should be looked at.

Let us know what you thought about these illustrations, in the comment section below!


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