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19 People Who Were Blessed With Cool Neighbors On Plane

Getting a got neighbor is not easy.

We are all aware of the fact that neighbors can be a real pain in the bum at times, Many people consider themselves lucky when they get into a neighborhood that has some good people in it. If your neighbor has been sending free food over every week and has been creepily passing smiles every time you pass them, please don’t think you have a good neighbor. This is a professionally bad neighbor’s first trick up the sleeve that they use to lure you into their trap and then hit you with the absolute worst, something you can’t even think of. They will start being super nosy, interrupting you at every point, asking for random favors at an unprecedented rate, and would complain about almost every other thing that you do. Basically, the whole idea is to first make you feel good, then make you feel really bad, and ultimately to get you out of the neighborhood. No one would understand why bad neighbors behave the way they do but hey, you can’t really do much about a personality that has already been formed. So, it is what it is.

We get permanent neighbors in the shape of people who live around our house and then there are temporary neighbors that we make when we are traveling somewhere or staying in a hotel, there are different people (or animals) living around us that are also considered neighbors. Now getting a good permanent is not easy, people often consider it an impossible happening but when we talk about temporary neighbors, we might have some chance here. When you modes of transportations like buses or airplanes we have to spend some hours, even days, with some temporary neighbors who can be a horrific experience at times making your journey experience poop. But, there are some lucky people who end up meeting some really cool neighbors on board who help make the journey nice and easy, and more importantly, peaceful.

Today we are going to look at the experiences of some people who met really good neighbors who boarded a plane with them.

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1. Maam, I said extract of the mangrove tree, get this soda out of my face.

Via ElevenDoctors / imgur

2. Hey bud, it’s going to be a really long journey so let’s get to know each other and have a good time on board because I am in no mood of getting bored.



3. The face you make when you prebook your preferred seat online and they scam you by giving the tail seat next to the bathroom.


Via David Dobrik / youtube

4. This bird is experiencing flying without actually using its own wings for the first time. It must feel like it’s in its mother’s womb and is flying right now.


Via Inside Edition / youtube, Inside Edition / youtube, passengershaming / instagram

5. That cool passenger on the flight who decides to use the bathroom when the plane is going through turbulence.


Via frontier_anon / twitter

6. Hi, flight neighbor. What did you get for dinner? We got some biscuits and water.


Via passengershaming / Instagram, english.setter.therapy.dogs / instagram

7. The peacock is ready to go on an adventure and this time without using its own energy.


Via The Jet Set / facebook

8. When you’re getting on a plane for the first and have no idea what to wear so you go for something simple and casual.


Via CBS47 KSEE24 / youtube

9. When the plane has finally taken off, and you’re done with the cloud turbulence and can finally sleep in peace.


Via CBS This Morning / youtube

10. When you finally convince yourself to fly but suddenly start getting second thoughts when you get near the entrance door.


Via Inside Edition / youtube

I really want to be on a flight or even a bus where I get to meet such amazing neighbors. They would’ve certainly given everyone a sense of joy and happiness and I can’t even imagine the things these animals would’ve done while on the flight. We can only imagine but given how happy these people’s experiences are, the activities must’ve been one to watch.

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11. When you board a plane for the first time in your life and realize that it might also be your last because a venomous neighbor is sitting on the window seat.

Via Instagram

12. When they announced your gate ages ago and you were busy napping and suddenly woke on your name being loudly announced on every speaker at the airport, repeatedly.


Via danoedmund / twitter

13. Looks like this little one has a dream of becoming a pilot and got given a surprise visit to the cockpit.

Via Instagram

14. When your patience is running out because you can’t wait for the food to be served.


Via dirtycopgangsta / reddit

15. Looks like this dog has finally arrived at its destination and is soaking it all in before the real adventure begins.

Via x_alexithymia / reddit

16. When you’re all set and ready to take off and suddenly a passenger comes and asks you to move because you are in the wrong seat.

Oof, the panic.


Via meta_caro / twitter

17. This person wasn’t able to move from their position because their dog was really scared on the flight and they didn’t want to disturb it.

Via Toucanicsam / imgur

18. Whoever sat next to this adorable happy passenger should consider themself the luckiest flyer ever.


Via neoinside / Reddit, kateord417 / Reddit

19. Excuse me, stewardess, I saw the entire flight safety demo. Can I get a treat, please?

Via ally_begg / twitter

We hope these people and animals enjoyed their flights and we hope you guys equally enjoyed this post as well. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you ever met an animal neighbor while commuting? How was the experience?

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