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Redditor Is Confused Because His Family Doesn’t Want Him To Visit With His Two Dogs Even though They Were Fine When It Was Just One Dog

Most create a hierarchy in a person’s life usually their family members. We constantly feel accepted and are mindful that someone is keeping an eye out for us. Your parents supported you and offer you the assistance you require even when you make errors. It resembles an unwritten norm.

People understand that they can rely on you, but you can count on them at any time. Close relatives can have that kind of bond, or at least they should.

Unfortunately, not everybody receives an additional amount of assistance from their families. Family members can be extremely obstinate in their views and occasionally believe they know someone better than you understand yourself.

No matter how hard you try to convince them that you are the right person, they won’t change their thoughts. A Reddit member recently discovered himself trapped in that vicious cycle. While he owns a dog, his parents are not overly fond of something like animals. Even though he doesn’t live with them, he sincerely appreciates their viewpoint.

He informed them he wanted to get another dog from the shelter, which was when the issue arose. Since his dog is alone at home while he is at business, he believed it would be a terrific idea. But his grandparents and other members of his family fiercely opposed it. Even worse, they threatened to banish him from everyone’s homes if he bought another dog.

He ignored her and gained yet again another furry companion. They now treat him very differently, though.

Due to the fact that he is charged with caring for his two furry pals alone, he wonders whether buying another dog was a mistake or whether he should just disregard their reaction.

Keep on scrolling down below to dive deeper into this drama and make sure you watch it till the end.

1. You know the drill guys, at the end, you will let us know who’s the A-hole here


His parents never wanted dogs


2. He would be the sweetest boy obviously

But when he had started living separately from them, he adopted one from the shelter.


3. We can all understand the hardship one has to go through when we have to leave our dogs alone

Everything was fine at first, but circumstances changed, and his dog began to feel lonely while he was at work. So he thought about adopting another one.

4. The Whole family was against it?

But his family was actually against his decision to adopt another dog.

5. Still got another dog that’s the spirit

But he still adopted another dog, regardless of their opinion.

6. You don’t have to feel bad OP, you did nothing wrong.

Now they treat him very differently compared to before he adopted another dog.

7. NTA

Probably they are those people who don't want dogs in their houses.

8. SORRY for not making that clear

To make it clear, he is not allowed to visit them with his two dogs.

9. Here’s the real deal

They liked his first dog, so he is not sure why another dog makes a difference to them.

10. So here the one come who says YTA

11. Get as many Dogs as possible


12. Nobody knows we fall for them eventually

He really didn't believe that a second dog would be too much for them.

12. You’re a grown man
They didn't actually ban him, but the dogs.

13. Mostly the audience says OP is NTA

14. No judgment

They might be fine with this idea:

OP did nothing wrong and he shouldn’t be sorry for anything. As from the commentators above we can see OP didn’t do something intentionally he just loves dogs and everyone should.

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