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20 Rule-Breaking Menaces Who Don’t Respect ‘The Rules’ At All

Somebody call the police. Or maybe not.

Cuz there are menaces in the house!


Some people tend to cause trouble in their circle and think of it as a funny gesture, but little do they know that they are really breaking certain rules of the community. These lads have no respect for the authorities. No, they are not the thieves, murderers, killers, or anything that would be considered illegal and punishable in the court. In short, their offences would certainly not result in getting them behind the bars.

It’s certain rules of the community that, by not following them they would consider themselves cool and upload the picture or a video on social media to show off their coolness to the others and become a viral sensation. But in reality, they just look plain stupid. In their dictionary, rules are meant to be broken. Like taking a turn from exactly where the sign says “no u-turn” or using a charging slot where you are not allowed to.

Scroll down to see such kinds of stupid and rubbish posts on the internet.

1. He is right by the way.

Via u/KingKiler2k

2. How clever of her.

Via u/perkilyTowel401

3. That’s pretty cool for someone who actually cares about animals. Unlike this person.

Via u/CyberOgre

4. I think you got that right.

Via u/M-a-fada-n-u-s

5. Wicked little shit.

Via u/Nuker4455

6. Was he there to steal some pizza or cash or just spy on them and see if they are having fun without him?

Via u/steamshifter

7. Such idiots.

Via u/m1a1tanksauce

8. Why do I get the feeling it was himself.

9Via u/niagaralex

9. That’s the number one rule of doing a job.

Via @makaylathinks

10. Creepy old lady.

Via @rudy_betrayed

It happens very often that Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms delete your posts and restrict your activity or block your account altogether. But in these wild times people can make a hundred different accounts or get the old ones back and nobody would even notice. There is one such example of it below.

11. Fake account. Fake photo. Way to go Facebook!

Via u/lucs_25

12. Maybe they don’t understand English…?

Via u/Ephemeralle

13. Savage little bird.

Via u/keel_zuckerberg

14. The shit house poet strikes again.

Via u/ShaveMyHairyDinosaur

15. Time to learn some English first.

Via u/konkinsdeciple

16. Yet.

Via u/myusernameisunique1

17. Americans are gonna be so mad at this.

Via u/GEN_Schady

18. This is how your app gets uninstalled.

Via u/LulaLerner

19. Hats off to this guy for never getting caught.

Via u/coneheadZombie

20. This can be easily considered as a crime.

Via u/xylylenediamine

21. I think the whole Facebook community is pretty confused by now.

Via @fesshole

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