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26 Cats Who Claimed The Best Spots As Their Own With No Regrets

Oh, so you think you just adopted a cat?

Wrong. Your cat just adopted you. You are not their master. They are your god. That is not even an argument. Cats rule the world and everyone knows it. They don’t care about anything and walk around the house like they own the place. And they pretty much do own the place. Cats were once worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. I guess they never got over that because they still act like they need to be worshipped. I’m not complaining. I would gladly do it.


No matter how many fancy and expensive houses and beds you get for your cat, they will still pick the strangest places in the house to take a nap in. This behaviour isn’t anything new. Cats are known to be the boss of their own lives. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, scroll down below to see 26 cats claiming their territory in the house and you’ll understand.

1. “Watching a friend’s cat. There’s a thunderstorm outside. I’ve been like this for an hour.”

Via u/zewvlf

Don’t even move an inch.

2. “She likes to sit on my laptop power brick.”


Via Imgur

Absorbing the warmth.

3. “I just threw my belt on the floor.”


Via u/OyabunRyo

This cat is now a blackbelt.

4. “My cat managed to climb through the skylight and just proceeds to sit there, 70 feet above the ground.”


Via u/PigeonMax

Living life as he pleases.

5. “Loafing on his designated chair”


Via u/lksavage

Charlie has marked his territory.

6. “Kieran sitting right above our heating unit, blocking the warm air… Don’t worry, I made sure it wouldn’t burn his little toe beans!”


Via u/Autumnmeansfall
Well, that’s one way to stay warm.

7. “There’s a loaf in my fridge! He climbs in every time I start to cook, and I let him hang out there because it’s hot and he’s always wearing that thick furry coat.”


Via u/clairandcat

Cats are bread loaves.

8. “First day back to work in a little over a week of hanging with him every day, he wouldn’t stop meowing until I let him climb up my body to be my scarf.”


Via u/Mynuts4812

Cats are in fashion.

9. “During yoga I look up and see this! My cat watching me… “


Via u/Dreamer207

The void is staring at you.

10. “Took my cat to the vet.”


Via u/Figsnbacon

I’m just going to hang out here in the sink.

11. “My cat’s favorite place to sleep is now the shower, right after we use it. But i have to put a towel down first so she doesn’t get her polydactyls wet!”

Via u/Neonmoonlight

Laugh in the places where you once cried.

12. “I think someone’s got the wrong bed…”


Via u/dandragons

Cats are liquid.

13. “If Dash fits…”

Via u/ecowpebot

If I fits, I sits.

Wow, cats sure know how to mark their territory. And you can’t even get mad at them. I mean, look at those faces! Who can say no to that? My kitten, Venus, does the same thing. She has a few spots around the house that she has claimed and God help anyone that crosses her territory. Scroll down below to see the rest of the cattos:

14. “Ellie is using my foot as a hammock. Hurts to hold it this way.”


Via u/Toxic_Don

Don’t you let that baby down.

15. You don’t need this, right?

Via u/MeowMixTenders

That’s not a cat, that’s just cake mix.

16. “My loaf on our new glass coffee table”


Via u/cmronhrrington

What a marvellous angle!

17. “You don’t move when your pet is on you”

Via u/jessmadeamess

I would proudly flaunt those.

18. “My SO laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later…”


Via u/Andeck

NEW CLOTH. Must sit.

19. “I pulled my stove away from the wall to fix the outlet behind it. I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to find this.”

Via u/CyborgKnitter

I just don’t get cat logic.

20. “My cat sits here every day waiting to be pet by the people getting the bus. They call him “bus stop cat”


Via u/SasEis

What a friendly kitty.

21. “I was planning on shooting some product…my cat had other ideas. I walked away for 45 seconds and came back to this.”

Via u/Venmo_Me_A_Dollar

The only thing worthy of a shoot.

22. “He’s a magician. A bad magician.”


Via r/cats

If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.

23. “Every damn time we order pizza…”

Via u/MarkieMew

If you own a cat, you should get used to their obsession with boxes.

24. “This is Ann. Ann likes to wait and watch the bubbles in the humidifier. Please wish her well during her wait.”

Via u/darlin-clementine

Aww, look at that chonky baby.

25. “My wife visited a stable. She said that all the stable cats were hanging out on some of the heat sources like radiators, but this cat took it one step further it seems.”


I’m on top of the world!

26. “Hooman, get out of my fort!


Via u/taasp

Don’t bother him!

What did you think of these hilariously adorable kitties? Do you have a cat? Where does it like to sit? Let us know in the comments below.


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