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19 Hilarious Photos That Show Animals Can Be Really Bossy Sometimes

19 Hilarious Photos That Show Animals Can Be Really Bossy Sometimes

You don’t have to make decisions for your pets, they will make their own decisions.

Pets are no longer dependent on their hoomans. They are showing their hoomans that they can be independent and make their own decisions. They have been showing their bossy side. The moment they come to your house, they are the real bosses of your house. They will rule your house like kings and queens. You will be amazed to see their bossy side. Sometimes, they will be seen throwing your breakfast, other times, they would refuse to share their bed. That’s how bossy these adorable and innocent animals can get. We have compiled 19 hilarious photos for you. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. That’s how I wait for the guests to leave:

© Papa_Prat / Reddit

“My friend’s cat, who hates people, waiting for us to leave”

2. When you refuse to act like an elder brother:


© rjsreads / Reddit

“He stole his little brother’s bed and gave me some serious side eye when I told him to move.”

3. When daddy is playing video games and you wanna watch it:


© neereeny / Reddit

4. That’s how I sit while watching my sibling’s fight:


© DryMouthKitty / Imgur

“This cat is a fairy-tale princess, and you can’t tell me otherwise. Please see to her needs.”

5. A visual representation of the relationship I share with my siblings:


© CreauxTeeRhobat / Reddit

“Lemon always tries to jump on top of Honey and keep her in the box.”

6. “My cat knocked over my cereal box because SHE’S on a diet and not me…jerk.”


© elizabeth_clairex / Reddit

Cat: Hooman, you will get the same treatment. From now on, you are also on a diet.

7. Who destroyed the plant?


© HurlDaddy / Reddit

Doggo: Not me.

8. When your wife is out on a work trip and asks for an update photo of what the kids are doing:


© 0MoodIndigo0 / Reddit

“Whilst on holiday, my sister asked for an update picture of her two cats. This is what she got…”

9. “My dog chases coyotes but won’t go pee in the rain unless I cover her with plastic bags.”


© RphilRT / Reddit

Dog: Mom, I don’t want to get dirty in the rain.

Pets have their own logic and you have to act according to their wish to make your adorable pets happy. This cute doggo does not want to get wet in the rain and would only go out after covering up with plastic bags. Well, he looks so adorable.

10. “Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella’s food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally grumble about it.”


© jamiejo*** / Reddit

Cat: Mom, she stole my food. I need new food.

11. “Reggie refuses to let her get downstairs — he runs the show here.”

© Ms_Horror / Reddit

We know who runs the house. She is the real queen of the house.

12. My two most favorite things in one frame:


© ode26 / Reddit

“This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner.”

13. “He stole 2 pairs of my socks and wont give them back and makes this face at me he does this every time I’m getting ready to leave for work”

© The_alchemist*** / Reddit

Dog: These socks are now mine. You cannot take them back from me.

14. “SORRY! Game is over, I demand pets.”


© Hayley_hayys / Reddit

Well, the cat does not look sorry.

15. “Finn doesn’t want to share his cave, so he’s squeezing Tilly out like a tube of toothpaste.”

© accidentallyrational / Reddit

Tilly is feeling at home, he won’t get out of the cave.

16. “This is what my dog does when he refuses to go to bed.”


© MontanaTrev / Reddit

17. “My main man, Sam, pretending he doesn’t notice his cone, is bonking my other main man, Ray.”

© pWaveShadowZone / Reddit

18. There is always that one friend who will make you feel embarrassed in front of others:


© jix333 / Reddit

19. Leave me alone:

© friendlynoodless / Reddit

“sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge”

Has your pet ever shown a bossy attitude? What do they do that makes them the boss of your house? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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Via: u/Flamingo-Alternative

“Today my family saved a Great Dane mix from the pound. we named him Bruno. He also has some pretty unusual markings on his chest…”


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