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40 Pictures Of Senior Cats That Prove They Deserve Love Too

Old cats are the best.

Everyone is so obsessed wit kittens or young cats that they forget the joys that come with senior cats. You don’t even know how much joy they can bring in our lives. Senior cats deserve just as much love as every other pet. People tend to forget things or lose interest in them when they get old. This happens with both living and non-living things. Take parents in old homes, for example, their families barely ever come to visit them. It is sad but it is the harsh reality. However, we have to realise that just because something is getting old, it is not losing its value. It is only becoming more precious. Old is gold, remember? It is the same with cats. Sure, they might not be as playful anymore and they sleep a lot more now, but they are still warm, cuddly, and fluffy. They deserve just as much love as small kittens.

Cat behaviourist, Ingrid Johnson, explained to Bored Panda “Senior cats certainly require special accommodations. They need more frequent vet visits to manage chronic illness for one thing. Cats are silent sufferers and mask their illness so routine veterinary care is paramount.” There is more advice on cat behaviour down below if you scroll to see these adorable senior cattos:

1. 2 Years Ago Today I Walked Into A Petsmart And Met A Cat Named Sonny Who No One Would Adopt Because He Was 13 Years Old, Covered In Fleas, Underweight, And Had A Mouth Full Of Rotten Teeth That Had To Be Removed. He Came Home With Me That Night And It Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

2. Tiger Is 31 Years Old And Is Still A Prime Example Of The Ever Loving Box And Cat Relationship


3. I Hear You Guys Like Old Cats. This Is Thomas. He’s 27


4. My Little Guy Is 20 Years Old And Still As Cute As Ever



5. A 24-Year-Old Cat. We Call Her The Immortal


Senior cats need their food, water, and litter box to be nearby. It gets hard for them to access them in difficult places. “This means ensuring that you have resources placed in all of the areas where your senior citizen spends time. The last thing you want to do is have a litter box in the basement of a three-story home knowing your cat spends most of their time on the top floor in the bedroom,” the expert explained.

It makes sense if you compare their situation with humans. “Would you want to walk down two flights of stairs to go to the bathroom when you are 90? No! You would not!” said Ingrid.

6. This Happens Every Time I Go To My Barbers. He’s An Old Kitty Now, And He Can’t Miaow Anymore, It Comes Out As “Aaaggh!” I Always Let A Load Of Customers Go Ahead Of Me So I Don’t Disturb Him. Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted


7. My Grandmother’s 26-Year-Old Cat (We’re The Same Age)


3 years ago

8. Most Of Our Friends Don’t Believe We Have A Cat. We Don’t See Him Much Either As He Mostly Hides Behind The Bed. Today, While I Was Working, He Was Brave Enough To Come Out For Pets. This Is My 15-Year-Old Cat, Elwood


9. My Grampie And His 20-Year-Old Cat/Sidekick Elvis. As My Grampie Says, “We’re Just Two Old Men Hanging Out”. This Picture Makes Me Happy And Sad All At Once



10. We Adopted An 11-Year Old Cat From A Chicago Shelter. He And My 13-Yo Daughter Fell In Love. This Is Them After She Got Back From A Week At Camp


11. My Beautiful 18-Year-Old Girl Mia With The Eyes Of Sauron


12. My 18-Year-Old Cat, Oscar, Just Experienced His First Home Move (Across The Country). Wasn’t Sure If He Would Make It, But He Seems To Be Doing Just Fine


They need to use the litter quite often. And they also drink water frequently, so it will be convenient if you place their “facilities” nearby. “It can be challenging for senior cats to navigate cat litter if they are arthritic. How many 85-year-old humans walk the beach for fun? Walking on sand is tough! Many cats start developing signs of arthritis between the ages of 10-12 years, so preventative joint care is key and this helps keep them able to use their litter box!”

13. My 16-Year-Old Good Boy Recovering From A Stroke


14. My 22-Year-Old Cat Noticed I Was Eating Doritos


15. We Would Take You To The Bar, But They’re All Closed. Happy 21st Birthday Mario!

16. My 19-Year-Old Cat Just Found Out He Loves The Smell Of Lavender


17. When Your Cat Is Pushing 20 Years Old, But Can Still Pull Off That Innocent Baby Look

18. Me And My Old Bud Taking In Some Sun



19. This Guy Has Been By My Side For Twenty Years Today. He Helped Me Through Some Rough Times

20. I Was 23 When I Adopted Him. He’s 16 And I’m almost 40. Just The Sweetest Kitty


To take special care of your cat if it has arthritis, get them some scratch posts. It’ll help them stay active, along with food puzzles. They need mental exercise as well. “Foraging for food keeps cats fit and engaged, it is close to letting a mouse loose in the house as you can get!” the cat behaviourist said.

“Last but not least, offer warmth! A heated bed, easy access to sunny spots, etc. Seniors often have kidney disease. The kidneys help regulate body temperature, so these seniors tend to be cold. Offer warmth!” Ingrid explained.

21. My 23-Year-Old Cat

22. My 19-Year-Old Cat Has Always Grabbed Her Leg When She Sleeps


23. Two Best Friends Growing Old Together: How My 20-Year-Old Cat And 70-Year-Old Father Spend Their Evenings


24. My 100-Year-Old Grandpa And His 17-Year-Old Cat


25. Walked Into The Shelter And Asked Which Cat Had Been There The Longest… Came Home With A Deaf, Toothless Senior Lovebug. Reddit, Meet Cali!

26. My 1.5yr Old Son And 14yr Old Cat Had A Moment This Morning


27. My Grandpa Passed Away On Thanksgiving And No One Would Take His 18-Year-Old Cat… So We Did. Welcome Home, Lovey!

28. An Elderly Cat Who Can No Longer Bird Watch Receives A Fish Tank Full Of Fake Fish To Watch From The Comfort Of His Bed

29. A Few Weeks Ago I Adopted A 12-Year-Old Cat. She Buries Her Face In My Hand When She Wants More Love


30. 15-Year-Old Blind Cat Snuggling Daughter’s Toy Because It Smells Like Her


31. I Brought Home A Stray Cat When I Was 17 Years Old. I’m 36 Now. Every Time I Go To My Parents House, I Check To Make Sure He Is Still There And Give Him Some Extra Love Before I Leave. Meet Scooter

32. My Old Man (19) Was Just Diagnosed With Kidney Failure. Prayers And Good Thoughts For Tigger



33. The Cat Shelter I Volunteer With Has A Program That Brings Senior Cats To Visit Seniors In Nursing Homes. This Says It All

34. My Cat Is Now 20 Years Old. Here Is A Pic Of Her As A Kitten (Around A Few Months Old) And Now. She Has Always Been Tiny For Her Age!

35. My 21 Year Old Cat, Tigs


36. Our 14 Year Old Cat That We Found Crying Under A Neighbors Truck When He Was 10 Years Old. He Was Chipped, But Unfortunately His Owner Had Died. Theo Is The Sweetest Boy

37. This Cat Is 26 Year Old. Her Name Is Lexi

38. This Is My 17 Year Old Cat, Geo. He Still Looks Like A Kitten To Me I Got Him When I Was 10


39. My Dad Built A Ramp So Our 20 Year Old Cat Can Still Get Into The Bed

40. My 20-Year-Old Rebel. He’s Been With Me Since 1999. Through Everything Since He Was 8 Weeks Old


We wish all these senior cattos a healthy and happy life. What did you think of these adorable babies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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