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20 Grumpy Dads Who Were Against Having Pets But Now Can’t Live Without Them

It’s a long-running trope and stereotype of parents, especially fathers, to not be interested in adopting a pet. It’s because they usually see them as an extra responsibility, maybe something that burns their money, or just don’t see the value of having a pet. It’s possible that maybe it’s just a cultural thing, as pets have become far more common in the past twenty years in this current generation than they were in the ones previous.


As such, a lot of people have begun posting pictures of their fathers and mothers posing with their pets after they insisted that they did not want one in the house. There’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to this exact thing called r/dadswhodidnotwantpets and it’s just the cutest thing.

After all, what’s better than being able to tell your parent “I told you so” and watch them coo over their furry little animal?

You can check out more posts like these yourself over here!

#1 “I have no interest in pets.”

© uloaix / Reddit  

#2 “The purest love is the one between grumpy dads and the pets they said they didn’t want.”

© lightsabert00thtiger / Reddit  

#3 “Mr. Big Strong Mechanic Dad, who didn’t want a cat, in the middle of the morning, brushing his little prince.”

© kerrycooper / Reddit  

#4 “My dad: ‘This dog is too small. I don’t like it. It’s not even a real dog.’ Also my dad:”

© Lady_DudeBro / Reddit  

#5 “Dad: No cats! Dad (one year later): Look, I’m teaching her high 5!”

© MrPresident91 / Reddit  

#6 “Ok, but he’s not allowed on the furniture.”

© maiapupper / Reddit  

#7 “My dad, who didn’t want a dog”

© GevsHD / Reddit  

This giant german shepherd is absolutely massive, and you can tell by the smile on the dad’s face that he adores him with all his heart. All I can imagine, though, is him being reluctant to adopt the furry creature when it only came up to his ankles as a puppy.

Look at him now, basically the same size as the dad who did not want him but now loves him. How cute.

#8 “My dad didn’t want a dog… Now he tucks the dog into bed every night.”

© salpalxx / Reddit  

#9  “I brought home this special-needs kitty that my dad swore ‘could not stay for more than one week!’ 2 years later, he gets jealous when she lays on any lap that’s not his.”

© worstgurl / Reddit  

#11  “Part 2 of ‘…if you get another dog I’m moving out.’ Still here.”

© peppy10 / Reddit  

#11 “’I don’t like this one.’ He says as they cuddle over a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.”

© atouchofcat / Reddit  

#12 “’If that kitten steps but a TOE inside that door I’m kicking both you and him out forever.’ 2 years later….”

© abberdabbers / Reddit  

#13 “My dad didn’t want a dog. Now she’s his favorite little girl.”

© Ragnar_The-Red90 / Reddit  

#14 “My mom and the dog she didn’t want.”

© Zoey_and_co / Reddit  

If you ever decide to hop over on Reddit to see what people were thinking, you’d find that they all came to the same conclusion: there’s no bond stronger than the one between a parent and a pet they said they didn’t want. And this picture is a prime example of it, just look at the way the dog’s looking at her and the smile on the mom’s face. I bet she regrets saying she didn’t want him now!

#15 “My stepdad didn’t want a cat. Safe to say Oscar changed his mind.”

© tajones1992 / Reddit  

#16 “I didn’t want another dog. My wife did. So we compromised and got another dog.”

© Sloth_Luvs_Chunk / Reddit  

#17 “Boyfriend ‘didn’t want a cat’ and we were told she ‘wasn’t a lap cat’… This was 24 hours after Minnie came to her forever home.”

© itsmescarlett / Reddit  

#18 “My boyfriend didn’t want a dog, but I got a female pug puppy. This was his photo to me, letting me know he picked her up.”

© Cosmicbeer / Reddit  

#19 “My father who adamantly ‘didn’t want another cat’ called my phone to ask me to turn off the bath because he was busy.”

© AverageHuman9 / Reddit  

#20 “Dad didn’t want a dog. Dad and the dog:”

© milleepthesheep / Reddit  

What about you? Are you a parent who said they weren’t interested in a pet and now can’t get enough of one? Or better yet, you had to convince your parent yourself to give you a pet who they now can’t get enough of? Tell us about it in the comments down below!


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