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Sphynx Cat And Bearded Dragon Become BFFs And Their Bond Is Too Pure

Sphynx cat is one of the most famous cat breeds known for its hairless body. They’re not commonly seen as they’re super sensitive and require extra attention. Similarly, a Bearded Dragon is also a quite uncommon pet to have but today we will share a story with you about a woman who has a Sphynx cat with different colored eyes and a bearded dragon as pets and their bond is not to be missed. Akasha the cat and Valak the bearded dragon, both are siblings you never would’ve thought would get along but they do more so than you could ever imagine!


Akasha and Valak’s mom, Michelle Morris loves her kids so much that she even made them a separate Instagram page! She often shares their silly pictures there depicting their loving bond and what is their life like, living with each other! The dynamic duo is surely friendship goals for you all!

Their bond is so adorable, we just can’t get enough! Keep scrolling to experience immense cuteness that would make all our hearts swoon!

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1. Though Akasha looks angry here,

Via Instagram

She’s just trying to look out for her BFF!

When we inquired about how these animals are like, Michelle told that the cat, Akasha is really sweet and is really judged by people for her looks. However, it does not bother her anymore because she knows how loving and friendly the cat really is. Michelle believes herself to be very lucky to have her and wouldn’t give her up for anything! (We are sure Akasha probably thinks the same!) Akasha loves to play and charms everyone to be her friend just like Valak, the bearded dragon.

Despite her angry looks, Akasha is very playful! “I think she would just play and be friends with anyone or anything,” said Michelle. P.s. they also have doggo.

2. Look at these two munchkins sunbathing together!

Via Instagram

Aren’t these two the cutest?

Their cuteness can be seen all over their Instagram page where Michelle shares pictures of them posing, sometimes even in a cat tree – having the times of their lives. Funnily enough, they even wore their costumes for Easter this year, and you bet we’re going to show you a picture of that!

3. In another new, Valak is now a bunny!

Via Instagram

These cuties can melt anyone’s heart!

Michelle also informed us about how uncommon a breed like the sphynx cat really is, needing extra care if they’re to be kept as a pet. They obviously do not have any fur on their bodies hence why it should be kept in mind that their environment should be moderate – not too hot and not too cold. Other than that, a sphynx cat has higher metabolism which is why they need to be fed more than a normal cat.

“These cats also need to be protected from the elements so the sun could burn them and they must be protected from cold,” she explained. “They lose heat through their skin so they are quite warm to the touch.”

This super amazing duo shares an unbelievable kind of love between them and they enjoy each other’s company the most – playing and even eating with each other as well!

4. Are you going in for a little kiss, Akasha?

Via Instagram

This is the most wholesome bond we’ve seen in a very long while. We’re sure that is the case with you, too! Their unbreakable bond is amazing and it grows to be stronger each day. Their fun and easy-going personalities will make anyone their fan in a blink of an eye!

We hope that these charming animals have already become your favorite by now as we arrive at the end of our article. You may follow their page on Instagram if you think you need this kind of positivity and happiness in life every day as they inspire us with their love. They teach us the lesson of love, despite being quite different from each other, their love is still the same and goes beyond that! How wholesome! Share this with your friends and make their day too. Comment down below and do tell us what you think of this beautiful bond of friendship!


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