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Wholesome Moments Of Rescue Doggos Building Trust With Their Humans (12 Stories)

Empathy is God’s greatest gift, it can heal the broken and make them stand up tall again. Animals are very sensitive to human emotions, especially dogs. Being an extremely loyal and affectionate animal, a dog gives in its heart and soul to make its human happy. If a dog is mistreated, not only does it hurts them physically but it shatters the dog emotionally, which makes it very difficult to trust a human again. There are some ruthless monsters that torture animals just for fun or just to satisfy their psycho selves. Luckily, there are some empathetic humans as well who rescue such animals and provide them with a safe haven.


However, gaining back a rescue dog’s trust isn’t an easy task. It might take years to finally get to the point where a rescue dog starts to trust humans again. Here’s a story where the OP adopted a rescue dog and put in all his effort to comfort it. There came a day the doggo finally started to believe in his person and peacefully slept in his lap. The OP is over cloud 9 for getting rewarded for all the efforts he made to protect his doggo and make him trust humans again.

Make sure to put a box of tissue along, because this sure is going to be an emotional ride!

1. That must be a magical moment for you!

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2. A fruitful reward

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It’s not a matter of minutes or days before you gain back the trust of a rescue dog, you don’t know what the poor animal had gone through since it can’t even properly explain its pain. This process requires patience, consistency, and a whole lot of love. You’ll see how all this pays off, once your doggo starts trusting you, it’ll never leave your side or turn its back on you!

OP couldn’t stay back and made an edit to thank all the commenters for their overwhelming response to the post

3. This is how the people joined in to celebrate this sweet moment

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That’s just adorable! Empathy and affection can literally flip out all the fears

4. The paw of trust

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5. That’s the nicest thing you and your husband did there

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Mom knows how to protect her children, no matter how short she is. The doggo definitely takes you as her mom, she believes in the fact that you’ll protect her

6. The best part

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The sigh of relief the dog takes out knowing that it’s safe with you, gives you so much strength, boosts your spirits, and makes you never give up on your doggo. That’s the purest form of love!

7. The flashbacks still hit him sometimes, just don’t give up on him

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8. Well, they earned it!

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9. Such comments are so lifting

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10. It’s a long journey, with a lot of bumps

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11. How can people be so cruel?

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12. Rightly said

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You might have to struggle a lot to finally be able to gain back a rescue dog’s trust, there will be days when you’ll feel like giving up but holding on would soon be very fruitful. Once the dog is back in its zone, you’ll realize that you literally are the best thing that has happened to it, since it’ll be proving that to you by making you the center of its world. The dog might get flashbacks of its dreadful past time and time but it’ll need your support in those hard times. So, before you adopt a rescue dog you need to be sure of the patience you have and make yourself mentally as well as emotionally strong. Once you win back a dog’s trust and revive its goofiness, there are going to be endless belly rubs, be prepared for those too!

If you have a heartwarming story that you’d like to share, feel free to use the comments section below!


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