18 Hilarious Joys And Struggles Of Fatherhood Shared By Dads

Parenting is fun as well as hectic.

Everyone dreams to be a parent one day, be it of an animal or by actually creating a baby with the love of their life. Parenthood is a whole new domain and it is certainly not easy to master. It is filled with countless hurdles, for example, changing diapers full of poop, making the baby stop crying for the last 2 hours, feeding them medicine when they are hungry, and having them do something you want them to do. They just don’t like operating the way you want them to and that is because that little brain has a lot to learn and understand. We have all been through this phase and we all say, when we grow up, “I was a better baby than you”. But we all know, that no one can be a good baby, all the time.


But along with the struggles of parenting, there is also joy. The cute moments are true bliss and no one can ever replicate them. The love that little baby fills its parents with is unmeasurable. As a parent, you change and you change for the good. You become more sensitive, you feel emotions that you never have. It really is something else when you have a child. Some parents refer to life after having a baby as “true happiness”.

If we take parenting styles into account, mothers and fathers are very different from each other. Mothers have a rather polite way of dealing with the baby and fathers, well they like to put their own spin on it, and let’s just say things are a bit more exciting when we talk about fatherhood compared to motherhood. Today we will be exploring fatherhood and will enjoy the hilarious moments generated in the process. And it is important to know that the whole process of parenting never stops. If you think parenting or fatherhood or motherhood ends when a baby gains all control over its senses, you are very wrong. Fatherhood continues even when your baby is now a university student or working at an office or owns a business. Parenting continues till the end and so do the joys and the struggles.

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1. Your 7-year-old is over it, Dad.

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2. Their thought process is so innocent.


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3. He meant Pooh. Come on, Dad. Behave, it’s a child.


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4. Well you didn’t tell her what to get dressed…


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5. I was going to say communicating through walkie-talkies is the best thing ever until I read the last line. At least, they think they are doing it.


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6. There we go. They only utter praises when they need something.


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7. You need to make your girl a detective. It is decided.


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8. Get ready for the 3 a.m. concerts.


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9. It’s always wrong. And the corrections are so hilarious.


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Once a person has successfully been through a struggle, it turns into a lesson. A lesson that makes you a better person. Such events are not to be remembered to get sad about them, such moments are there to be reflected upon if you ever get stuck in a similar situation. But struggles related to fatherhood, when you are successfully through them, reflection upon them is to cherish a cute memory. You think about those struggles and they don’t make you sad. That is the magic of parenting.

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10. Woah…whoever made English, are you reading this?


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11. You cannot come back after that.

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12. Because their explanation is filled with a lot of “uhh, umm, so, and”.


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13. As I was reading this, as a 22-year-old, I was like that is exactly what I do. And then the final line guilt tripped me.

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14. They should add “excluding the parents”.


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15. “Why do I have to do everything in this house?” – The kid

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16. Dramatic. The only word in the dictionary that describes kids to the s.


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17. I am sorry, did you say breathing?

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18. A kid’s wish is its parent’s command.


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I really hope you guys enjoyed this one and picked out some lessons for the future if you know what I mean.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below and if you are a father, please do share your story of fatherhood.

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