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The 10 Most Iconic Moments From Superhero Movies, Ranked

When it comes to movies, there are a variety of factors that contribute to a film becoming a hit or becoming a blockbuster. It could be because of the actor’s outstanding performance, it could be a bluff, or it could be because there are some scenes that make the movie stand out and deserve a lot of attention. That’s right! Simply recall the plot of any well-known film, and you will remember that memorable scene from the film. Whether it was the scene in the Spiderman movie where Peter attempted to stop a massive train before collapsing or the scene in the movie where Bruce climbed up to escape from prison. These scenes are noteworthy and make the movie plot more interesting.

When we watch movies, we almost always forget a large portion of what we have just seen and only remember a few memorable and famous scenes from them for the rest of our lives. The reason for this is unclear; whether it is because the film is outstanding, or simply because you were forced to watch it repeatedly, there are certain scenes in movies that have become part of our daily talks!

So check out these ten of the most memorable and remarkable scenes from films!

1. Escaping from the prison made Bruce a better person!

Symbolized by Bruce’s journey and character in The Dark Knight Rises, his escape from Bane’s prison served as a metaphor for his journey and character in the Nolan Trilogy.

There was no scene better than the scene where Nolan did an excellent job of portraying Bruce Wayne’s character in his films. Just to escape the prison, Bruce attempted to escape the wall of the prison, where he was broken, exhausted, humiliated and battered. The scene, in addition to its jaw-dropping cinematography, serves as a powerful metaphor for Bruce Wayne’s journey as Batman in the Christopher Nolan films.

While going through a variety of trials, Bruce became a public enemy, he lost his parents and rotting in an unavoidable prison, Bruce discovers humility when he is most vulnerable (i.e. at the bottom of prison), inspiring him to become a better and more determined Batman

2. The scene’s grandeur and scale of Superman (1973) are remarkable!


Superman: The Movie (1978, starring Christopher Reeves) opens with a scene that is easily one of the most iconic in cinematic history. The grandeur and scale of the scene couldn’t be denied by the audience members. The massive crystal surroundings, Superman’s family crest, and Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Jor-El all played a significant role in setting the tone for the hopeful and grand tone that audiences would experience later in the film.

Marlon Brando was cast in this film, and the director used the iconic actor to create a strong and memorable introduction for what would be a fantastic and timeless superhero film.

3. A flawless scene from the movie Hulk, that perfectly captures the situation and characters.


Hulk vs. Thor: Ragnarok recreated a classic hulk comic scene.

Despite the fact that Thor was the film’s title character and poster boy, the Hulk was the true star of the show in that film. On Sakaar, Thor is pitted against the Hulk, who has armored himself and become enraged due to Thor’s presence. Similar to Hulk’s arrival on Sakaar from the comic book’s Planet Hulk storyline, the scene is reminiscent of Hulk’s arrival on Sakaar in the comic book.

It was a momentous occasion for many fans to witness this iconic and beloved scene on the big screen. A flawless scene, it perfectly captures the irony and awesomeness of the situation and characters in which it takes place.

4. Tony’s carefree style!


This is how Tony Stark acted before he became Iron Man: Narcissistic, condescending, and arrogant.

Following a brief presentation to the United States Air Force, Tony demonstrates the destructive power of his weapons system by detonating a nuclear device in a deserted field on the other side of a mountain range. In the process of impressing his customers, he jumps on board a car, which takes him to the location where he is captured and imprisoned by the Ten Rings organization.

It is in this scene that Tony’s brilliant but arrogant persona is brilliantly captured. Despite their strength, his weapons land him in serious trouble, and his carefree attitude prevents him from recognizing the severity of the situation. It was a powerful and ironic foreshadowing of Tony’s future as Iron Man that he was posing in front of the test explosion.

5. Peter will go to any length to save innocent train passengers!


Despite the fact that many shows, video games, and films have paid homage to this scene, the original was always the best and most exhilarating version. After exhausting all other options, including his wits, his web-shooters, and his strength, Peter makes one last desperate attempt to stop a runaway train by using his webs to de-accelerate the train. Of course, Spider-Man emerges victorious, but the experience nearly kills him, making the most remarkable scene of the plot.

Peter will save the world, even if it means risking his own identity in the process, demonstrating what it means to be Spider-Man in all its glory. He is pushed to his absolute limits, both mentally and physically, and audiences have always been in awe of his strength and heroism as a result of his performance.

6. fight between two DC icons!


The dream became a reality, and for that many thanks to Zack Snyder. After all, who would have imagined that the two DC icons, Batman and Superman, would actually square off in a live-action film? Putting aside some of the more ridiculous aspects of the plot and the fight, the battle itself was a competent recreation of one of DC’s most infamous duels.

A nitty-gritty tone prevailed, with an overarching Frank Miller feel to the proceedings. It was almost as if we were watching a live-action version of The Dark Knight Rises. It was especially nice to see Batman’s suit in this scene, as it added the realism that fans had come to expect from this conflict.

7. This Spiderman upside-down kissing scene is incredible!


A memorable scene from the first Raimi film, Spider-upside-down Man’s kiss with Mary Jane Watson has become synonymous with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man portrayal. After saving Mary Jane from a gang of thugs during a storm, the two share a passionate kiss after rescuing her from the thugs with great bravery. According to Maguire, the scene was incredibly difficult to shoot because of the tight spaces. The actor was hanging upside-down from a crane, water streaming from his nose, as he attempted to share a sexual moment with his co-star. Despite everything, it turned out to be an enthralling and memorable moment for Spider-Man and his fans alike.

8. Joker, the madman!


Both fans and critics agree that Heath Ledger was the Joker’s physical embodiment, and one scene in particular brilliantly revealed this to be the case. The joker made an unexpected appearance at the party thrown by Bruce in his penthouse for Harvey Dent, presumably in search of the elusive dentist. A brief amble around the party brings him face to face with Talia, to whom he threatens her and provides some background information on his scars.

Heath Ledger portrays the Joker in the most terrifying and yet most effective way that can be imagined. Not only is he insane and maniacal, but he’s also cunning and intelligent, which makes him even more dangerous. These things made audiences a bit amazed, uncomfortable, and astounded and it was definitely considered as an ideal response.

9. Tony Starks Death!


The death of Tony Stark was not surprising, because it was widely anticipated that Robert Downey Jr. would eventually step away from his role as Tony Stark. However, what was unexpected was how emotional and heroic Stark’s death ended up being. Tony said goodbye to the MCU by snapping his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet and telling Thanos that he was and is the Iron Man.

MCU is complete without Tony, and we all agree to this fact, and the Avengers team as we know it would not exist either. His sacrifice served as a nice way to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe full circle. The frenchises got a new opportunity or beginning by his death.

10. It took years to make the Best Iconic Scenes!


One of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema was the first official Avengers rally against the Chitauri. This project had been years in the making, and the years of preparation and anticipation had certainly paid off. These scenes served as a model for future films because there’s no superhero team-up of this magnitude had ever been attempted before.

It was impossible not to be moved by the music, the tone, the costumes, the setting, and the characters, which all worked together in the most epic way possible. A once-failed and unpopular superhero team had been resurrected, and they were now as awesome and powerful as they had been in the past.

Which iconic scene do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!


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