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Funniest Tales From Customer Service Workers Roasting Delusional Customers

It’s fun to work in retail because of the constant learning, client management, getting promotions, and enjoying some hilarious moments with your customers on a regular basis. Unless you meet a Karen or a group of people who come into the store with the sole intention of ruining the employees’ day. However, if you have a really difficult customer, simply remember that “Customers are always right” and deal with them as smartly as possible. Because these people can be the reason for you to lose your job or to have a strained relationship with your manager.


The retail workers out there who deal with difficult customers on a regular basis deserve a hearty round of cheers and applause. Because of these obnoxious and tough customers, retail employees have thought about quitting or resigning from their jobs multiple times over their careers (if you work in a major store, you can relate to this fact!)

Just as this collection of stories we’ve compiled for you is enough to give you an idea of what it’s like to work as a retail employee and how difficult it can be to deal with some customers!

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1. Some customers visit the store with the intent of ruining the day of others!

Via fallen-gravity

How come asking about the mode of payment is considered a personal question? It’s the responsibility of staff to ask about this before proceeding with the payment.

2. When it’s your first visit at Target!

Via  imgur

Maybe this lady was in a hurry and couldn’t carry out a single trolly, so she decided to take them all. Or perhaps she does her shopping in this way. Who cares!

3. Is that even a question to ask? Obviously, these Turkeys cannot grow in size after they have died!

Via @ohmygoshaavash

4. Lemonade… Oh, he means Laminate! The English language is quite confusing at times.

Via clientsfromhell

5. Sometimes, you’ve had enough of these customers’ silly behaviors!

Via  xoannaababyy

6. Don’t be over-smart, especially at retail shops!

Via luckiselki

7. Why don’t people realize that it’s necessary to wear a mask, no matter where you are, or how many people are there in front of you?

Via @DominicPettman

8. These people are the main reason for making the retail jobs difficult to deal with.

Via @fallen-gravity

9. Then what’s the purpose of the museum?

Via @Addison_Peacock

10. After using a product, many buyers wish to replace it with a new one.

Via @xxkaileyx

Retail employees may have been in a similar situation at some point in their careers. There are a large number of customers who want to exchange a product after using it. Like this lady, who wants to exchange her old empty lipstick for a new one after using it up.

11. Why do these customers give retail workers such a hard time?

Via @Moonpie_Luna

12. It’s hilarious to forget your pet while visiting the vet!

Via veterinaryhumor

13. That awkward moment with your customers!

Via hylianraichu

14. Some consumers just want to make life difficult for employees, but they fail!

Via @collegefessing

Ever worked at a retail store, if yes, then which post you can relate to the most? Let us know in the comments section below!


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