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Tweets From 16 Dumb Kids That Turned Out To Be Extremely Funny

Kids can be quite dumb.

Kids can be extremely dumb and stupid sometimes but it isn’t their fault since their brains are in the developing phase and they need some time before they can have the processing capacity of an adult human. However, even if we say that many adults in this world are even dumber than these kids so I suppose it depends on your upbringing and the people you hang around with but we are not here to focus on that today, that itself is a rabbit hole we would like to cover someday. Because that would be a pretty boring topic. 


We are actually here to showcase some times when dumb kids ended up being hilarious in one way or another. Whether it be spelling mistakes or drawings which are less than age-appropriate. Perhaps I am being too harsh since most of these kids aren’t dumb, their innocent minds just haven’t been prevented yet to see how most of us see these things. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, these are definitely going to get a chuckle out of you. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Just imagine how hard it would be is this was actually true.  

Via KylieBright

#2 They had the right idea but they failed in the execution.

Via AskMeAboutAllTimeLow

#3 It is good that she is so accepting because many people do have two mothers and it is perfectly fine.

Via sober_pirate

#4 I don’t think the big sister is too happy with the connotations here.

Via Gingersnap911

#5 This message is sort of lovely even if it is a bit grim.

Via the_yadda_yada

#6 If it was that easy, I would have had one years ago.

Via Rogue_Professor

#7 They aren’t wrong.

Via plsiwanttosleep

Kids are known to draw very weird things and most of these artworks are nothing to worry about. Most of the time they are just using their experiences mixed in with some imagination. As we all know most kids are great at imagining new things so most of the time, their artwork doesn’t make much sense. And unlike us, their art does not have a deeper meaning behind it no matter how you look at it.

So stop worrying and let your kids draw to their heart’s content!

#8 That chef’s hat is looking a bit peculiar is I say so myself.

Via Hushui

#9 Still a better story than Twilight.

Via roigaming

#10 At least he is the right way around and his head isn’t stuck in the toilet.

Via Zhence

#11 She is fine with threatening to break her mother’s back just to get her way.

Via AmyDeeee

#12 Spongebob apparently love him some pineapple.

Via jodie-jojo

#13 Her dreams are broken and her day is ruined.

Via rymarre

#14 Those are definitely scissors, I don’t know why this is even on here.

Via KyloRose231

#15 Kids actually liking fruit? What is this sorcery?

Via TheNextMehThing

#16 This kid is actually a genius because they found all the words and made some new ones along the way.

Via beetlebtch

Has your kid ever done something similar? If so why not share with us in the comments below, we promise not to tell anyone.


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