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What’s Better Than Having A Cat? Two Cats. Here Are Some Purrfect Examples

The more furry friends you have, the happier you are right? RIGHT?! At the risk (or honor) of sounding like an obsessive cat lady, the best way to heal that hole in your heart is to bring home another little kitty for your first beloved catto. Watching that cat duo doing their own cute goofy stuff will without a doubt soothe your tired soul. And if you’re not already a proud floof owner, we’re here to take your fantasies to the next level with double the feline fun!


You know what? You don’t even have to take our word for it! We’ve collected proof (in 50 pictures no less) that two cats will boost your obsessions to the next level. If you and your cat are the only decision-makers, then what are you waiting for? But you may have some convincing to do if your parents, partner, or roommate have their doubts. All you have to do is forward this article to them and we’re sure they’ll be converts in no time!

We wish it was all rainbows and butterflies though. To share the flip side of this double-cat utopia, it’s important for you to make an informed decision. Some cats may not appreciate the company and would rather be the only feline ruling your heart. PDSA vet Anna Ewers Clark sheds some light on this issue: “Although it can be tempting to think that your cat might benefit from getting another feline friend, quite the opposite could be true! Introducing a new, unrelated cat to an existing cat’s territory can actually be very stressful for them both, so think very carefully before getting ‘company’ for your cat.”

For now, let’s just focus on the positives though shall we? Scroll through these posts to reignite your love for the cutest floofballs in all the land. It’s time to sit back, relax and show some love for these gorgeous kitties. I mean how can you refuse?

1. Fluffiest blanket ever

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Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!

2. If you want me, you’ll have to get to both of us!

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3. Unlimited floof love inside and out :’)

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4. Abolish bath time forever!

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5. Nothing greater than a mama’s love

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As these pics show, some floofs love living together in harmony with each other! A vet from the PSDA, Anna says “Siblings from the same litter, or kittens that have grown up together can get along quite well and enjoy each other’s company”. Something to keep in mind when you consider getting a second (or third or fourth) catto to grow your happy family!

6. You deserve better than him anyway!

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7. Guess you’ll have to find a new place for laundry

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8. Introverts and extroverts can be best friends too

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9. Better than the original?

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10. Food coma naps be like

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So how can you tell that your feline friend gets along with the new kitty? Anna says: “Signs your cats get along include grooming each other, snoozing together, touching noses, and rubbing their heads together. They will also like to do things together, like relaxing in the garden or playing together, and may like to have friendly play-fights”. Adorable right?

11. I can taste the sunbeams!

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12. Floofs that feast together stay together

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13. Terrified on the Invisible Big Floof

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14. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

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I Posted In A Thread About Silly Cats In My Apartment’s Community Board That My Cat Won’t Stop Looking Into My Neighbor’s Apartment. She Replied With The Most Adorable Photo I’ve Ever Seen

15. Staging a coup no doubt!

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So how should you differentiate between play-fights and anger-fights? Anna says: “If the fighting is continuous, you hear hissing, their ears are back and flat to their head, their backs are arched or you see claws orbiting, it’s likely this isn’t just a play-fight. Break it up by making a loud noise or placing a physical barrier between them—don’t use your hands though!” You’ll know when your favourite floofs are enjoying their little games when their play fights occur at intervals, and the feline’s ears are stretched forward.


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2 Months Ago A Neighbor Asked Me To Investigate Why Scratching Sounds Were Coming From Behind Her Fireplace Firewall. I Cut An Inspection Panel Into The Drywall And To My Surprise I Found These Two, Abandoned, Dirty, Dehydrated And Hungry. Picture Taken At Approximately Three Weeks Post Rescue

17. When bae says she has a girls night out…


18. Lion King remake

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19. Bring back the food!

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20. Posing for a selfie

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While cats may enjoy the company, they’ll definitely want some space once in a while. Anna says: “Always make sure they have separate food and water bowls, and spread these out so they can eat separately.” If you notice some aggressive behaviour like growling or aggression, this may be a sign that your furry friend needs some alone time. Give your floofs the individual love and attention that they deserve and try to keep their beds, eating bowls, and litter tray separate!

21. Lucky daddy of three :’)

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I Introduced My Fur Babies To My Newborn. Going To Be An Interesting Next Few Years

22. I won’t let them ever separate us

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23. Fifth time this week…

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24. Yin and Yang

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25. Camera flash got them like…

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Ingrid Johnson, a cat behaviorist explains a little bit about their social preferences: “They naturally live in small groups called colonies. Cats are solitary hunters, but not a solitary species”. The most important takeaway from this is the importance of balance for your beautiful kitties! While they like to socialise as a species, when their social batteries run out, they’ll need some time on their own so make sure you give them that!

26. My floof with her floof

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My Parents Didn’t Want A Cat, This Stray And Her Baby Decided Otherwise. Obviously My Parents Now Have 2 Cats

27. The cutest alleyway bullies

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My Dog Is Afraid Of The Cats. They Have Learned That She Won’t Walk Near Them, And Enjoy Trapping Her. Earlier Today She Tried To Walk Up The Stairs…

28. The best wedding photoshoot


29. I won’t let this identical imposter in!

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30. When your mom brings in dessert

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When your catto has a playmate, both of them will learn how to adjust to each other if given the balance that they require. This company will make them less aggressive, more confident, and maybe a little more extroverted too.

If your feline friend is left alone during their younger years, they may struggle to react well to other cats later on and the likelihood of stress and aggression may increase. Strike that perfect balance for best results!

31. Midnight snacks in bed be like…

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32. Watching Barney reruns for the 30th time

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33. Hugs are for everyone

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My Entire Life, My Entire Life, I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment, I’ve Been Waiting To Adopt Cats

34. Embrace the vegan life

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Planted A Tiny Wheatgrass Yard On My Balcony For My Boys

35. Welcome to the dark side, we have catnip.

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Additionally, when our animal babies have other pets to share playtime with, they’ll end up being far more agile and active. This results in happy, healthy cats. Even though we love our chunky babies, being smaller in size definitely has its health benefits. When your catto has a furry friend of their own, they’ll keep themselves more entertained, cause less destruction and won’t bother you so much when you’re in the middle of something.

36. Like mother like daughter

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37. Frenemies

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Got A Second Cat To Keep The First One Company While We Were Gone. This Is The Result…

38. Waiting for that tan to develop

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39. These dance moves on TikTok are getting better

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40. Men in Black

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My Beloved Cat Died On Sunday And I Wanted Someone New To Take Care Of. My Vet Called And Told Me That This Brother And Sister Duo Needed An Emergency Home Asap. It Was Fate. World, Meet Fitz And Georgie!

If you choose to become a proud parent of a cat duo, you don’t have to worry about your kitty getting lonely or lazy! They’ll keep themselves busy and make sure you have some much needed time for yourself, so you don’t have to feel guilty about taking that mini vacation, or finishing that long presentation your boss has been asking you to finish!

41. Waiting for their hooman to come home

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42. What every sibling relationship looks like

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43. In flight entertainment

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44. Netflix and chill

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45. Watching your hooman dance in the mirror like…

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From The Group Of 130 Rescued Hoard Cats. Oreo And Coal. Oreo Is A Little Bit Shy But His Brother Is A Pretty Confident Kitty. All They Had Were Some Fleas

46. The best cat mom ever?

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47. Two loaves of bread loafing

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48. Lazy Sundays


49. Snuggling 24/7

My Two Lil Rascals, Siblings At Heart, They Love Each Other But Also Sometimes Hate Each Other, Just Like A True Brother And Sister Would

50. No I WANT the TV remote!

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We’re sure your heart is as much of a mushball as ours is right now! After scrolling through these heartwarming cat duos, have we convinced you to get a second kitty for double the love? If we have, let us know which post was the true turning point in the comments below!


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