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45 Cats Who Suddenly Started Malfunctioning Will Leave You In Splits

Cats definitely lead the list of “the weirdest living things on the planet”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from their adorable, cute, majestical floofy selves. It’s just that they do sometimes like to be extremely weird. In fact, them being weird is an understatement, they actually malfunction and break down. It’s like a tall Lego tower falling over. You have to rebuild it piece by piece. That piece by piece in terms of cats is usually in terms of bribes such as fresh meat or lots and lots of other yummy cat food.

But none of this puts a mark on how amazing they are. I love cats and the way their tiny selves just run around the house all day long. They are literally full of surprises and that is something very unique about them. Be it licking your face and wanting snuggles, or being extremely moody because there were 6 pieces of meat and not 7, they keep their owners very entertained and the electricity in the house never dies.

But the fact remains as it has as long as the history gets dated back. Cats are very mischievous as they will suddenly start behaving like they are from planet Kepler 186-F. There is a whole ass subreddit, r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat, dedicated to these malfunctioning cats. It is a big community with over 380,000 members. You can bet the content is going to be really fire.

We have saved you guys the hassle and have compiled some of the best and hilarious moments of cats malfunctioning. Let’s enjoy these moments together.

Scroll down below for some proper randomness!

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1. It seems like they channeling their energy to call upon Bastet, the god of cats.

Imagine waking up at 2 a.m. to get a bottle of water from the fridge and noticing our cats sitting like this. I would brick it!

via: icant-chooseone

2. This kitty is super angry about something and is trying to pass out in protest.


Off topic but that heart shaped marking on its fur looks so lit.

via: llullabyY1

3. How cats communicate in Italy!


Yes, we are bringing back the meme!

via: fyae

4. A cat or a bat? You decide.

Cat: “I am spiderman!”


via: Nirami

5. Hey! Don’t interrupt, I am shooting for vogue!


When they tell you to strike a super hard pose that is terrorizing you but you need to put on that sexy face.

via: jasontaken

6. Fell asleep thinking about his future and how many kittens he can afford to have.


Damn yo inflation causing stress to the whole living beings community.

via: iknowallmyabcs

7. Does this kitty have any bones?


This is cubism but in real life.

via: bajinglez

8. This cat has been laying on that cabinet staring at the ceiling for quite a while. Who broke your heart kitty?


via: soccer-law

9. When you need to be put in rice at 2 a.m.


Proper malfunctioning!

via: loafjunky

10. The Olympics committee would like to meet you.


They want you to participate in ‘Parallel Bars’ next time.

via: MyNameGifOreilly

11. I think this cat is broken.

The more I look at this image, the more my neck hurts.

via: bajinglez

12. Whose soul just traveled into this cat?


via: jasontaken

13. The exhaustion is showing!

Such a cute kitty.

via: fryingsquirrels

14. Looks like someone didn’t get proper sleep last night.


The batteries are out of power.

via: Kimmsrevenge

15. It was really hot out there.

Fair enough, I would have done the same.

via: friendlynoodless

16. That is not normal…


I think you got tricked into getting something else because this does not seem like what a “normal” cat would do.

via: AJfuckingSucks

17. It’s called a sleepover, Mom. You won’t understand!

All they require is some privacy to be their weird selves, that’s all!

via: mobiuschic42

18. Meet Katsu who is either extremely hungry or is paging cat gods up there.


I think its the cat gods.

via: cutecatsinspace

19. Where is the head?!

This looks so trippy!

via: solid_static

20. Now how did this kitty managed to get stuck up there?


Do they ever think before committing to something?

via: s-rizzo

21. When you don’t have the money to create a swimming pool so you use your body to clog the sink and create a DIY pool.

via: Matildishh

22. When you mess up doing something you thought was extremely cool.


That cat does not look amused at all! Poor kitty!

via: shade-tree_pilot

This is so hilarious. I am literally on the floor right now. All these kitties really need to understand the meaning of a “plan” because eyeballing everything can really result in a lot of malfunctions. Well, malfunctions for them, extremely funny moments for us. Sorry kitties, but your dumbness just got used as a source of hilarity.

Scroll down below for some more weird images of cats malfunctioning.

23. I think this kitty’s software just corrupted.

Need to hard reset his settings.

via: I_Only_Look_Irish

24. I now rule Mommy! Choo choo!


The clock has started to tick. They will soon take over. It’s like a domino effect. You can’t stop it now.

via: bubblybeep

25. Wen you have been meowing for food for over 44 seconds and nobody attends to you. You then take the matter in your own mouth.

via: somberestofmuffins

26. I have never seen a more hilarious “caught in the act”!


The prophecy is true!

via: jasontaken

27. Looks like this is what comfort does to you.

It breaks you down.


via: ryan4637

28. Don’t fall for it, she wants food.

via: Shana24601

29. Ha! Ha! Very funny. I malfunctioned, okay? Now help me…


It always seems better in the brain until you execute it and then hate yourself for even thinking about it.

via: culdesaccolony

30. When Mommy finally comes home after a long day at work.

The kitty couldn’t contain herself.

via: Lucyloves

31. When you are about to yell but you suddenly notice a camera.

Whenever this happens, my brain switches off.

via: icant-chooseone

32. How on Earth does one manage to get themselves in such a situation?!


I swear this is so random!

via: martincgn

33. Super-cat is in town to save you from the darkness!

via: HelloYesIAmJess

34. When Dad says “Always warm-up before exercise”…

I don’t think he meant doing that…Looks like a lost case to me.

via: Sham_Pain_Renegade

35. The cable in that arm must have gone by now.


The pinches are the worst!

via: pjwestin

36. “Nom”

via: jasontaken

37. Believe it or not but this cat is actually far asleep right now.

This is so creepy, wttf!

via: DeadMonkey321

38. Peek-a-boo!


I don’t think this is the right time for it. One must always poop in peace.

via: ThotMyProblem

39. When you suddenly forget how to climb up the stairs, midway climbing up the stairs.

via: nocturnalrat

40. A stalker stalking its prey!

via: MyNameGifOreilly

41. When you wanna do a Kareoke but don’t have a mic so you decide to improvise!


I know what’s going through your minds, you dirty brains.

via: Blank_M1nd

42. Right after adoption!

Is the cat praising its new owners or is it far asleep?

via: sacramentoproud13

43. Can I get more of that steak? Please?

You could never say no to those eyes!

via: thebeastwhatsqueaks

44. When you are desperate for attention.


via: rztan

45. No space is uncomfortable for a cat. Look at Operah for example.

via: amosab

I really hope you had a hilarious time viewing these kitties malfunctioning. They rule our hearts. Please share how you guys felt in the comments section down below. Cat owners! Do you relate to this?


What do you think?