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27 Unexpectedly Wholesome Situations To Brighten Your Day (New Pics)

Before going online, we sometimes need to prepare ourselves. Reading the news and going through social media may be very depressing. You never know what awful event has transpired since the last time you checked in with the world, but one thing is certain: the news is usually more upsetting than encouraging.


Many individuals visit the Unexpectedly Wholesome subreddit for a nice change of pace. r/UnexpectedlyWholesome is a friendly, safe area where users share incidents they’ve experienced or watched online that finish in an uplifting twist, with over 170k members. Enjoy this list of reminders that our world still has lots of positivity, from parents being surprisingly supportive to animals acting as adorable as ever. If you’re still looking for more heartwarming material after reading this, we’ve got you covered with another Unexpectedly Wholesome defused list right here.

#1 I’m hoping this hasn’t been posted yet because it’s gold

Hopefully This Hasn't Been Posted Yet, Its A Goldmine

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#2 The Bar Manager deserves a lot of respect.

Major Respect To The Manager Of The Bar


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#3 Santa does not only have one face

Santa Comes In Many Forms


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#4 Stupid Idiots And Their Cute Pets

Stupid Idiots And Their Cute Pets


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#5 Just Saw This On Facebook And I’m Not Sure If It’s Been Posted Here But It Gave Me All The Feels!!! 

I Just Saw This On Fb I Don’t Know If It’s Been Posted Here But I Had All Sorts Of Feels!!! I Definitely Smiled Tho


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#6 He should be a motivational speaker, to be honest

Wholesome Arnold


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#7 This Is A Real Christian; hands down

This Is A Real Christian


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#8 They be with us in ways we cannot imagine; how wholesome is that

They Stay With Us In Unexpected Ways


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#9 Awful example to be set up for children, you thought the same right?

I Mean, We Were All Thinking The Same Thing


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#10 Definitely Smiled, iMakes Me Happy To See People Who Are Often Stereotyped As Violent Be Caring And Companionate

It Warms My Heart To See People Who Are Often Stereotyped As Violent Be Caring And Companionate


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11. That’s how Monday workout happens

Football Coach Cancels Practice...

via BDeLallo 

#12 Rodger the dog is everyone’s love, no one can hate him

Who Wouldn't Love Rodger?


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#13 This Is The Most Wholesome Thing That Ever Wholesomed

This Is The Most Wholesome Thing That Ever Wholesomed

via subtleaccordions

Enjoying already? We hope you are. Don’t go away just yet as there is more to read. Scroll down below!

#14 Aren’t grandmas the cutest being?

Grandmas Are The Best


via Manntias

#15 Now you know

Suddenly, Happiness

via ThoriumBloodHoun

#16 This is the most wholesome situation that could have ever happened

Taking Time To Love One Another


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#17 We require the protection of large, strong woman, don’t we?

We Need A Big Strong Woman To Take Care Of Us

via DozyDrake

#18 Helping others is our duty which we all must fulfill

Your Job Is To Help Others


via JadenYuki15

#19 I would love to have Pippa as my postgirl

Postgirl Pippa

via flopsychops

#20 Cancer can kiss my a**

F**k Cancer


via shannonhar95

#21 The hate people have for each other

People Helping People

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#22 8 Year Old’s Rebellion

8 Year Old’s Rebellion


#23 I think this man deserves an award for this

The World Needs More People Like This

via SniperGhost_huntress

#24 I am not crying, you are..

My Heart..


#25 The joke has to be a good one

Bet Its A Good One

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#26 What a great mind; he deserves the money!

You Deserve The Money!


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#27 Their chemistry definitely matched with each other

My Heart!!


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