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Unusually Adorable Cats That Will Steal Your Heart Instantly

Cats are unbearably beautiful. From fluffy, colorful coats to long symmetrical whiskers and chunky paws, cats get all the attention they need. They may not be aware of how beautiful they are, but they do know there’s something about them that is special. Cats are no ordinary animal. They are extremely clever when it comes to getting their way. It won’t be wrong to say that cats are both beauty and brains. However, the brain we are referring to here is an evil genius brain. Not an intellectual brain or an emotionally intelligent brain, just an evil one.


Although cat lovers all around the globe are enchanted by the cat’s silly and sometimes cunning behaviour, their extra adorable looks steal the show. When they make that puppy dog face and purr, it gets extremely hard to take our eyes off them. With every glance, we just want to spoil the cats rotten. Internet is a great place to find anything, including stunning cat photos. Millions of people share photos of cats on the internet. Sometimes these cats are their own and other times cats they come across. Here we have compiled 16 photos of unusually adorable cats that will steal your heart instantly. Scroll down to check them out.

“I’m a fancy catto. You can’t match my style.”

Source: GallowBoob

This cat’s rare pattern. Body red and head black.

“I may be smol and chonky, but never underestimate my powers. I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream.”

Source: Yahwini

Them paws tho

Such a unique coat.

Source: frostwarrior

Meet Scrappy, a nordic god in cat form.

I can see the whole universe in your eyes.

Source: NeverKathy

My sweet Ophelia on her favorite chair

 The shelter she was in posted her on Craigslist. As soon as I saw her, I knew she had to be mine. I think she’s a Siamese/calico mix. Officially she’s a DSH Color Point Tortie and White. She is Extremely vocal and makes a wide range of (often very loud) sounds.

Some cats are just rare beauty. Only if they knew how gorgeous they are, but guess it’s for good that they don’t. Sometimes beautiful people get blinded by their own beauty and become a monster. In the case of cats, they already are monsters. You never know when their demon buttons are pushed and they turn into something unexpected. According to The International Cat Association, there are seventy-one recognized cat breeds. Each breed comprises of some unique features, like color of the coat, eyes and the length of fur. Although cats are adorable and cuddle worthy, some just stand outside the crowd. Just like Ophelia— the cat in the above photo. She has breathtaking eyes that look like marble. Usually, cats do not have eyes like Ophelia’s.

This one’s not only beautiful but a brave survivor as well.

Source: imgur

Meet Peggy! My recently taken in, three-footed, half-tailed, former stray, extraordinary cat.


Source: littlebittyoctober

Her name is October and this is her month 👅

He’s all set for Halloween 2020.

Source: catsandcoffee85

Fang is ready to party in all his toothy glory.

Only if cats knew how beautiful they are…

source: imgur

Is he wearing cat ears??

“This is a hold up! Gimme the catnip, I ain’t playin’!!”

Source: I_Smother_Pogeons

My friends cat, Marley, had surgery on his lip and now he has a permanent derpy snarl

Those mustache are so unreal tho.

Source: verynonsuspiciousguy

Say hello to Spock and Biju, making 3 years today!

“Yoda the cat”

Source: hopeisathingwithfeathers

One cat, nine lives, four ears…

Goofy little munchkin! Wanna spoil him rotten.

Source: BelarustheCat

Mr Belarus reporting for duty. Working from home? We got this!

“He’s a special kind of adorable ;)”

Source: GoddessShawna

This is Sloth. He was born with a cleft lip and deformed nose. He’s now almost 2 years old & happy and healthier then ever

It feels like he speaks french.

Source: Taco670

My first cat in my very first home. Meet Freddie Purrcury

They say eyes are the window to the soul, his are a wide open doorway.

Source: Suddenlysamantha

His name is Potato.

There’s something about his eyes that makes us fall in love with him.

Source: ToriStory

I’ve worked with 1000’s of cats, but this guy is possibly the cutest I’ve ever met. Meet Gordon! He’s 13, has no teeth and is diabetic. All the more reason to spoil him rotten.

All these cats are absolutely majestic. Can’t decide which one is our most favorite. If you have picked your favorite one, let us know about it in the comments below.


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