50 Very Smol Animals On Fingers That Are Too Adorable

Tiny animals are the cutest creatures! There are an amazing project ‘Tiny animals on fingers’ that shows the tiniest animals on human hands. At first, I genuinely thought these were made out of clay. They just look unreal! Big animals are great and all, but nothing can compete with the cuteness of tiny animals. They are too cute to be real.


You think of animals as wild creatures but these little animals look like art. ‘Tiny animals on fingers’ celebrates the beauty of these little creatures on the subreddit. Most of these animals are so vibrant in their colors, it also gives you summery vibes.

‘Help Wildlife,’ a British website committed to working for the welfare of wildlife creatures, was interviewed to discuss how the wildlife can be protected and cared for in a batter manner. “To avoid disturbing small animals when in nature, it’s best to stick to established pathways where possible. If you see a nest or other animal habitat then only observe from a distance, never try to touch or interfere. If you have a dog friend walking with you, make sure they’re kept under control and they’re not allowed to disturb or harm wildlife,” Sarah from ‘Health Wildlife’ mentioned.

1. Mini Chameleon

Via Minh Triều Anh

2. That green is so beautiful!

Via a.sewoon

3. No, this is not a toy. It is a real northern blossom bat.

Via Wildlife Rescue Darwin

“This Is A Flying Fox Species. A Northern Blossom Bat. Pixie Is A Subadult And 8g”

Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife’ talked about the huge impact of traffic on wildlife during an interview. “As well as the obvious accidents, roads also divide and reduce their natural territories,” she added.

She also gave hope about how there are also communities that care for the wildlife. “Some forward-thinking countries create wildlife crossings when building new roads these days which can be helpful. Otherwise, the best way to prevent the loss of life is to drive carefully, especially in areas with lots of wildlife or where there is undergrowth at the side of the road which animals may dart out from. If an animal comes into contact with your car then always stop and check on them and try to find them help,” Sarah mentioned.

She noted that in the UK, you can check for wildlife rescues by following this link right here while in the US, you can use Animal Help Now.

4. A Miniature hummingbird!

Via Heart-Bubbles

5. Dragons still exist!

Via SuperpoivrReport

6. We found Patrick!

Via Chuck Hilliard

Are you enjoying this content? The ‘Tiny animals on fingers’ project started on September 12, 2013. It has been 8 years and they will celebrate their birthday soon too.

There is research under Psychology on why certain things appeal to us more. Dr. Sandra Pimentel is a psychologist at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York states how it is linked with evolutionary biology. “If we think about evolution, our goal as a species is to survive and pass on our genes,” she stated.

7. Western Pygmy Possum! Look at how he is peaking from behind the fingers. His little fingers are so little compared to the human hand!

Via Chuck Hilliard

8. This turtle looks like a little dinosaur or dragon!

Via Brick_in_the_dbol

9. This caterpillar was posing for the camera!

Via throatfrog

“By finding things cute we’re more likely to want to take care of them and protect them. They’re more likely to get the attention of the adults around them, remind them, ‘Hey, take care of me. We’re helpless here,’” Pimentel added.

Whenever we see cute things, a neurotransmitter called dopamine is released. The release of the neurotransmitter makes me feel happy. We find tiny creatures adorable and they make us feel happy.

10. The lizard likes hanging from the human’s finger.

Via deathcuck

11. Can you find the lizard?

Via _Geiger

12. Prettiest bee I have ever seen!

Via Lennart van Vliet

Physical characteristics majorly add to why we find some animals cute. Physical characteristics that we find cute in animals are different from what we find cute in animals. We find little animals with delicate bodies adorable. And while we do find them cute, it is not completely safe to mingle with the wildlife.

13. It’s so tiny, I would be scared to even touch in the feat that it will get squished.

Via Report

14. Kraken’s are not always terrifying. They started with being a little beauty in childhood!

Via 9999monkeys

15. A sleepy baby opossum!

Via MyBobaFetish

While feeding wild animals, we should be careful that the animals do not develop a dependency on us. “Make sure it’s something healthy, don’t feed so much that they become dependent on people, always keeping in mind you won’t be the only ones feeding them, and don’t let them associate people with food. It’s best for their survival that they remain independent and don’t start approaching people for food,” ‘Help Wildlife’ clarified in their interview.

16. Good morning to this beautiful creature!

Via morgiibee

17. It slithers on your skin like silk!

Via StuffyUnicorn

18. Starfish magic!

Via prodrug

19. Mossy frog looks like plants growing on it!

Via K4Kerala

20. I did not even know a frog could be this tiny.

Via PoojiethePillowPet

21.  Did you know there’s a frog called Leaf frog that exists?

Via HIsalamanda

“Critically endangered baby Lemur Leaf Frog. Being a wildlife conservationist is tough, But this little face is why I do what I do”

22. Is that snake smiling?

Via Thorawr

23. Adult male calliope hummingbird with a big tummy

Via talldarkw0n

24. Sea slugs come in all different colors!

Via SeriesOfAdjectives

25. This little one is too cute to have a scary name like “crab”

Via shibaisthebestboi

26. Green tree python, resting peacefully on a human thumb.

Via txchondros

27. Slimy little fellow!

Via Report

28. I am scared this tiny hamster is being squished too hard!

Via VoteForFire

29. The mouse is hugging the finger-like his life depends on it!

Via ResistibleElk

30. Feathertail gliders exploring the land called “hand”.

Via ArghNoNo,Taronga Zoo

31. Match made in heaven!

Via indicator_species

“Spotted turtle and spotted frog, clemmys Guttata and Ranitomeya Vanzolini”

32. Make way for Floyd!

Via emmydvshr

33. That’s the most bizarre pattern on a snake I have ever seen!

Via tmansen

“Baby ashy gecko found in the Florida keys”

34. Hand makes the best sleeping space for a baby-horned lizard!

Via manderly808

35. Tiny frogs have my whole heart!

Via a.sewoon

36. A furry fellow out on a walk.

Via renkfasze

“How about a non-furry little guy? This dude out with me for a while in Hawaii”

37. Tiny frog with big eyes!

Via Skifeur

38. First sight of the world!

Via indicator_species

39. Sugar Glider!

Via dubcgliders

40. Baby bat!

Via jtr2277

“Found two baby bats rolling on my deck this morning, I had never seen a baby bat before, thought maybe others had not either”

41. Get ready for the battle!


“Teeny Baby Swordfish” Via Juan C. Levesque

42. Ruby-throated hummingbird!

Via allywarner

43. It looks like a tiny robot!

Via crazymantislady

44. In awe of the blue tail!

Via gositonaduck

“Baby blue-tailed skin U found under my toolbox”

45. Did he just bathed the catfish?

Via pandymonium001

46. This is the first time I am seeing a baby grasshopper!

Via  hollywoodbatman

47. “Fuzzy little moth”

Via im_not_zelda

48. Smile for the camera!

Via bitchinbaja

49. I did not even know Shrew existed until now!

Via hansbanans03

“Tiny baby shrew I found today”

50. Why is this guy holding lizards in his hand? I just want to know.

Via Book-Dragoness

“Please enjoy these 3 babies”

Wow. I never knew most of these animals even existed. How does their body even work? I mean, how does their body even function when it is that little? How tiny is their brain or stomach? There are too many questions. It is remarkable how tiny creatures can scare huge humans.

Which creature did you find most fascinating?


What do you think?