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18 Welcoming Cats And Dogs That Made Airbnb Guests Live Their Best Life

Airbnb can be a whirlwind of experiences. Living with someone else, in their place, while you travel? It can be extremely awful, or extremely amazing. While there is no shortage of Airbnb horror stories out there, with people describing terrible living conditions, or the place not being as advertised and not having any choice left in the matter. But this isn’t those kinds of stories, in fact, it’s a list of stories where Airbnb went really well.


These people went in to stay a night or several at an Airbnb only to be greeted by an unexpected furry animal. They were, understandably, very pleased with the outcome, and their reactions and posts are just hilarious. From kittens waking them up by licking their face to flying puppies, this post has all the dream Airbnb requirements.

#1 Morning alarm.

Via u/Tan-zania

#2 Flagstaff Airbnb.

Via Reddit

#3 Japan Airbnb.

Via u/Pinionedspiral

#4 Best rental ever.

Via u/dertigo

#5 He’s like those pillow mints.

Via u/Agu_Quintos

#6 Greetings.

Via u/egm94

#7 The landlord.

Via u/chornu

There are many criticisms people have of landlords, especially since they think that landlords do not have a job and do not work for their income. In recent months, given the situation the world is in, that criticism has increased tenfold. But, this landlord here is just too cuddly and fluffy to get that kind of heat. Just look at the eyes, oh my gosh, the eyes.

#8 Jeff.

Via u/mkdevo

#9 Good morning.

Via u/Chispy

#10 The legendary flying dog!

Via u/bliss01

#11 Airbnb anti-horror story.

Via Reddit

#12 The jackpot

Via u/maigrun

#13 Majestic beast.

Via u/pretty_dreams
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#14 Benny’s teddy.

Via u/cdc420

Benny is a good boy. He knew that you weren’t going to be home, and didn’t want you to feel alone so brought over his favorite stuffed toy. This way, you can always have some company, because Benny wants you to enjoy your stay. Benny is a good boy, everyone should love Benny.

#15 London pupper.

Via u/zeabasharani

#16 He was watching over you.

Via u/_jery_

#17 He’s an ear licker.

Via u/Laxran

#18 The roommate.


The host.

Via cutekittensarefun

Have you ever been to an Airbnb with a furry animal as a host? Or do you run one while having a friendly pet? Tell us about your stories, we’d love to hear!


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