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17 Wholesome Pics That Show Our Fluffy Friends Can Brighten Up Anyone’s Dim Day

Animals can make anyone’s day.

I don’t think human beings fully realize how willing an animal is to spend their life cherishing and caring for the ones they truly love. And they don’t even have to be your pet to do that, it’s like they scout the stresses right out of you and decide to be the doctors of that condition. They are so supportive and caring because see, the thing is if you give love to an animal and are very sweet and polite with it, things are going to proceed like a mirror effect, that animal will love you back with equal energy. And for all pet animals, you should know how seriously your pet gets invested if someone at the house is either sick, pregnant, or stressing over office work. They try to do everything in their power to help with the process. And I believe, that is what a true blessing is. Right there for in those paws.


Today we’ve got heartwarming stories from 17 lucky people who found love and support in the form of their 4-legged fluffy buddies!

Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. “I’m 8 months pregnant. My dog won’t leave my side.”

Via casango88 / Imgur

2. “The train on my way back home got delayed, but I was blessed by this cute little guy paying me attention.”


Via Pardonmy*****french / Reddit

3. “I was really worried about her around my son. Turns out she’s a great mama dog. She won’t leave his side.”


Via schmick11 / Reddit

4. “My daughter isn’t feeling well tonight, and my dog won’t leave her side.”


Via Charlotteaz / Imgur

5. “Our daughter was visited by Maddie, a therapy dog, before her surgery at the children’s hospital. This dog helped all of us more than she will ever know.”


Via LordCinko / Reddit

6. “I volunteer at a wildlife rehab. This is our 1-year-old beaver giving me a hug because she missed me over the winter.”


Via Kiss_Me84 / Reddit

7. “At the university where I work, they have a unique way of dealing with the stress of finals. Dogs!”


Via oddmanout / Reddit

8. “My husband and I found this terrified dog sitting in a crate. She is now my therapy dog and helps me fight anxiety and depression.”


Do we really deserve these creatures? Like, pause and think about it. I don’t think we do. What good did we ever do to be blessed by such caring and invested animals who really are willing to take time out of their precious life and spend it showing support to human beings? We must be really lucky. And we should recognize all these efforts and should be there for these pets when they need us.

Via CookieNom / Imgur

9. “My son is deaf and we rescued this kitten with a broken ear.”


Via Arshem / Imgur

10. “Looked down while eating dinner to find Leo comforting his little bro.”


Via throwawaytinaaa / Reddit

11. “I suffer from PTSD. 6 years ago I started working with wolves as a form of therapy. Today I run a wolf sanctuary and have healed more than I ever imagined possible.”

Via kalrizzien / Reddit

12. “Saw this guy while on a walk the other day. He just hangs over his terrace to greet passers-by.”


Via frumplestiltskin / Reddit

13. “My boyfriend broke up with me because he can’t see a future for himself with a handicapped person. At least my cat loves me.”

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Via Chicken****AndSoForth / Imgur

14. “Had a bad case at work and the clinic cat decided to comfort me.”


Via msmoonpie / Reddit

15. “This pretty girl came to visit my daughter.”

Via nanowelder86 / Reddit

16. “My dad didn’t like cats. He was on hospice and this was comfort care.”


Via bexadcox77 / Reddit

17. “My nephew was put in a time out. The cat decided to join him.”

Via crazedacorn / Reddit

I think I can say this on behalf of everyone who hasn’t owned a pet, we want one right now.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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